Cannabis Security Companies for a Growing Industry

Cannabusiness is emerging faster than any other budding market has grown. With a 28% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2016 to 2021, the U.S. will see continued acceleration in the marijuana industry.

In effort to protect this fast-growing market, it is required by law, in most states, to have video monitoring services. However, security cameras alone do not deter criminals or proactively protect assets. Criminals target the cannabis industry because it is known to be cash-heavy and has a product in high demand.

To protect your dispensary or grow facility from crime, you need the services of a cannabis security company with experience and a top-notch solution. Your security systems must be robust, scalable, and designed to protect your business from all types of theft.

Some common crimes in the cannabusiness industry are:

  • Employee Theft
  • Smash and Grab Robberies
  • Stolen Product and Stolen Cash

Deterring Employee Theft 

Although clandestine efforts, employee theft is a cannabis security threat that it is difficult to trace. When employees have access to valuable inventory, theft can be tempting – especially if there are no security systems, like cameras and audiovisual deterrents, in place to scare them.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about all employees. According to an article in MJ Biz Magazine less than 10% of the employees are responsible for 90% of cannabusiness theft. Those few can cause a lot of hardship though.

Sometimes, employee crime can mean easily detectable things like pocketing a little bit of product or cash. However, it can also be things like selling products at a discount to friends or even giving information to non-employees intent on stealing from you, which are harder for most security systems to detect.

Even in these latter cases, though, the risk of employee crime is lowered if your team knows that they are being watched.

Preventing Smash and Grab Robberies 

Smash and grab robberies happen mostly at cannabis stores. This kind of crime is often committed by inexperienced criminals who may not necessarily have a well-thought-out plan, other than breaking and entering and grabbing whatever they can. Pro-Vigil’s commercial security systems include audiovisual deterrents that can be triggered in just 24 seconds; knowing that they have been detected is often enough to scare off impulsive criminals.

Avoiding Stolen Product and Stolen Cash 

Stolen products during delivery typically happen at distribution centers, or as your product is delivered to the stores. Because your business is cash-heavy, stealing cash from dispensaries and stores is all too common. Due to federal regulations, many banks don’t yet do business with the industry. Consequently, cannabis companies often deal in large amounts of cash. Criminals have figured this out, making the industry a prime target. The services of expert cannabis security companies are vital in helping your cannabusiness ward off this target on its proverbial back.

Looking for a Trusted, Full-Service Security Company? Think Pro-Vigil

Depending on state law, many cannabis facilities are required to have on-site security guards. However, just having a live guard is rarely enough to protect this industry’s tempting assets. 

Our live video monitoring services are designed to work as a complement to any on-site guards. Our security systems provide extra protection and AI video surveillance that guards alone cannot offer. The Pro-Vigil cannabis security solution utilizes virtual guards to watch for any irregular activity and actively deters criminals, without needing to dispatch law enforcement 97% of the time.

Our experienced cannabis security team can help with:

  • Understanding your local cannabis security laws and requirements
  • Identifying your most high-value targets – and protecting them
  • Setting up visible and hidden cameras for maximum security
  • Getting access to early detection features like virtual guards
  • Mitigating risk from inside threats
  • Documenting and storing every event on the property
  • Covering and protecting potential blind spots and obstructions
  • Implementing a scalable cannabis security plan

If you’re going to have video surveillance monitoring, make sure you’re getting the help of a full-service security company to fully protect your cannabusiness.

To learn more about your cannabis security options and to get a free quote, contact Pro-Vigil today.

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