Beyond Security: Three Business Benefits of Live Video Surveillance

What are the business benefits of live video surveillance? Security is the main reason – but there are other advantages. Like remote project management.
Business Benefits of Live Video Surveillance and Remote Project Management

So what are the benefits of live video surveillance? Live monitoring systems — including Pro-Vigil’s — provide a 24/7 video feed that can be accessed anywhere, anytime – even remotely. Organizations can use these live video feeds to protect their high-value assets and boost efficiency and productivity in other parts of their business.

Here’s a look at three business use cases that benefit from the round-the-clock monitoring that live video surveillance systems provide.

Three Business Benefits of Live Video Surveillance

1. Deter Crime with Remote Video Monitoring

Passive video monitoring systems can record-and-store video to document evidence of a crime, but they don’t proactively deter and respond to crimes in progress. Once a potential threat is detected, live video monitoring systems sound recorded verbal warnings. Bells, sirens, alarms, and flashing bright lights scare off would-be criminals immediately.

Pro-Vigil uses these methods to successfully deter 97% of all intruders before they can damage property and steal valuable assets. In fact, we can detect and deter threats within 30 seconds of their initiation. Deterring crime is important from a business perspective because it avoids on-site confrontations, which keeps everyone safe. It minimizes financial losses as a result of damaged or stolen assets. And, it reduces the risk of bad publicity, reputation damage and business liability.

When it comes to getting the best protection for your business, you want a surveillance system that proactively deters crime.

2. Monitor Compliance with Remote Project Management.

Remote Project Management keeps employees productive and compliant RPM

Many live video surveillance systems include remote video monitoring capabilities, e

nabling users to check in on their property from any location, at any time. For example, Pro-Vigil enables customers to pull up live or recorded footage with only a few clicks on their smartphone. With this capability, managers can conduct compliance checks remotely on the Pro-Vigil app, to ensure employees are following safety regulations and other industry mandates.

And, through the use of artificial intelligence, the system can automatically detect when people are wearing hardhats and other required protective gear. Then business owners are alerted when these requirements are not met.

This is valuable in today’s climate, as businesses across the country attempt to reopen safely. Business owners, managers and security teams can remotely monitor video feeds at anytime. Ensuring employee and customer compliance with social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines has never been easier.

Being compliant decreases the risk of injury, infections and fines. That’s a major win for not only the security team, but for the business.

3. Improve Operations with Remote Project Management

Improve operations with remote project management and live video surveillance

Live and recorded video footage can be used to improve business operations. For example, managers can watch video feeds to track customer traffic patterns. This is a helpful exercise from a sales perspective because, based on recurring traffic flow, managers can adjust in-store layouts to increase customer purchases.

Customer service is another area that can benefit from video analysis. Managers can watch video feeds to monitor employee-customer interactions to ensure superior customer service. In fact, one of our customers told us he was watching his cameras remotely when he noticed an employee incorrectly handling a customer interaction. He called that location’s service manager to remediate the situation and keep the customer happy.

Last but not least, remote video monitoring services can be extremely helpful for project managers. It’s impossible to be on-site all-the-time. But with remote access to cameras via their mobile devices, project managers can check on the property in real time. Then they can redeploy employees, as appropriate.

Benefit the Business

Regardless of the industry, real-time surveillance is just the tip of the iceberg. Live remote monitoring provides valuable tools business leaders need to enhance processes across the organization.

To learn more about securing your business with Pro-Vigil. Contact us today.

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