What the Best Video Surveillance Systems Have in Common

Customers don’t like feeling anxious when making major financial decisions, so don’t use a security system that contributes to that. Small, unobtrusive cameras can provide security to you and peace of mind to your customers.
Best Video Surveillance Systems

Having the best video surveillance systems can be the difference between vandalism or theft and scaring a would-be criminal off. But there are tons of security systems to choose from. How can you tell which one is best for your unique business?

Here are the features you should consider when you’re purchasing a video surveillance system for your or business.

Features of the Best Surveillance Systems for a Business

The best security systems include notable features, like artificial intelligence that can automate many of the decisions that once required human intervention. 

1. High definition resolution

Workplace Video Surveillance

Without high definition images, small details will be hard to see, especially if the area isn’t well-lit. Why does this matter? You’ll want to record the criminal activity as evidence so you can seek justice. If your camera blurs facial features, distinguishing marks, or license plates, it makes recovery of your property less likely.

2. IP-enabled cameras with cloud storage

Best HD Video Surveillance

The best, most advanced video surveillance cameras today make use of the Internet to record and store data. The days of using an on-site DVR are over. Today, you can access your video feeds from any web-enabled device. This gives you always-on monitoring of your property, decreased risk, and improved convenience when using these tools. IP-enabled (Internet Protocol) cameras make use of your Wi-Fi signal to capture video data and store it in the cloud. 

The benefits, beyond easy Internet access, are this equipment does not require expensive cabling and hard wiring to activate them. This can save you money in upfront costs. IP-enabled cameras can store their data in the cloud or on a traditional DVR. However, cloud storage allows you to scale up and add more cameras without worrying you’ll run out of onsite storage space. It also eliminates the worry that a criminal will steal the recording equipment before you have a chance to use it.

3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence surveillance camera

While today’s AI technology isn’t as sophisticated (or as occasionally scary) as the movies suggest, AI-powered computer algorithms and video analytics can learn and adapt. 

AI in video surveillance helps a camera observe activity in a monitored environment and make decisions about what is happening based on prior data and the parameters set. For example, operators can set these cameras to monitor a specific geographic footprint within a fence line. The camera can discern between a person inside the fence and one that is at the gate peering through the fence line. These tools can tell the difference between a human inside the fence and, say, a stray cat strolling through your property.

The goal is to decrease false alarms while increasing the security of your assets. Wired magazine says, “Video analytics are beginning to take the place of initial human judgment in an effort to increase operational efficiency.” These always-on AI-enabled tools never falter in their vigilance. Unlike a human security guard, who can miss a person sneaking into a poorly-lit corner of your property, AI-powered video cameras do not suffer from a human attention span that will cause them to stop watching at the tail end of a long shift. 

4. Automated alerts and alarms

Automated alert the police

The best surveillance systems for business also include automated alarms that can be pre-program. IP-enabled video surveillance cameras leverage self-taught software that can respond to key events based on the programming features set. For example, alerts can be automated to ping a cell phone, alert the police, or set off lights and alarms at the business. Some key alerts could be set for:

  • Motion detection within a specific geographic location.
  • Camera tampering or if a camera has gone offline.
  • A building fire.
  • The breach of a fence line.

These systems can even be used to monitor social distance between customers or mask compliance during a public health crisis. Motion detection features can capture and review activity within a specific geographic area and respond based on the parameters set. Because these tools are automated, it alleviates many of the risks associated with human monitoring and intervention.

5. Unobtrusive presence

Finally, the best video surveillance systems are unobtrusive. Imagine walking into an auto dealership intending to buy a new car, but around every corner you see security cameras, onsite guards, and high fences with barbed wire. Wouldn’t you start to feel a little uncomfortable? You might decide to go to the dealership down the street, where you don’t feel like a criminal.

Customers don’t like feeling anxious — even a little bit — when making major financial decisions, so don’t use a security system that contributes to that. Small, unobtrusive cameras can provide security to you and peace of mind to your customers.

It should be noted that video surveillance can do more than just deter theft for places like dealerships. Security cameras can track vehicles coming into a business, such as a customer bringing their car in for service. A well-placed but unobtrusive camera can record the condition of the car coming in and then verify that it is in the same physical condition going out. 

If you’re looking for the best video surveillance system your business can get, look no further than Pro-Vigil. Our professional systems offer all five of these characteristics and more. We back our excellent technologies with our dedication and track record of serving businesses like yours. 

Start a conversation with our team to protect your business today.

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