Top 8 Traits of the Best Security Camera Systems for Small Businesses

From wireless connectivity and cloud storage to motion detection, AI capabilities, and automated health monitoring, here are 8 key traits of the best small business camera systems.
Best Security Camera Systems for Small Businesses

Keeping your small business safe from criminals is a 24/7/365 job. It’s an increasingly dangerous world. Fortunately, the best wireless security camera systems can watch your business when you can’t. What features do these systems have that make them so effective? Here’s what to look for when selecting the best security camera system for your small business.

8 Features of the Best Security Camera Systems for Small Business

You have a lot riding on selecting the best security camera system for your business. Systems differ in video quality, cost, functionality, and durability. If you’re wondering how to choose the best security camera system for your small business, here are eight must-have features to get you started.

1. IP camera hosting

IP camera hosting

The best security camera systems for small businesses connect wirelessly to the internet. They can also feed that video directly to any digital device. IP camera hosting is essential for any small business owner who wants to see what’s happening when they’re away from the property. IP-enabled video surveillance tools alert you to abnormal activity by pinging your email or sending a text. You can access the video feed through your cellphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop on any browser.

2. Wireless connectivity

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The internet is hugely valuable for catching bad actors before they leave your business. Before the internet, you simply reviewed the video surveillance tape after a crime was over. With wireless connectivity, now you can stop the crime before it starts.

Wirelessly connected video surveillance typically stores video in the cloud. If you are a business owner, a text can alert you to a problem as it happens. You use your browser to hit the security hub, quickly review the footage, and respond. This real-time connectivity means you can potentially catch criminals before they even leave your business.

3. Cloud storage

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Remember the days of a back-office DVR attached to video surveillance? You’d go in, review the footage, and trade out the recorded disc. If someone broke in, they could potentially also abscond with the disc, leaving no trace of what happened. DVR recording features leave you vulnerable. Today, your real-time video surveillance can automatically save to the cloud. There is no server or DVR left to steal. 

From your online security hub, you can review stored videos quickly. Automated tagging features allow you to search for specific video recordings easily. Instead of reviewing hours of video surveillance, you can search by keyword tags. It’s a more organized and efficient way to handle video files in the cloud.

4. Better visuals

Thermal heat detection

Many cameras now record in 1080p HD to increase the quality of what you see on the screen. The best security camera systems for small businesses also use infrared lighting to improve night vision. Some cameras use color night vision for higher visual acuity. Some include integrated spotlights and thermal cameras to help see in the darkest environments. Since crime thrives in darkness, thermal imaging is beneficial for stopping criminals. Thermal imaging works by detecting heat emissions—including a warm-bodied criminal intent on causing harm.

5. Motion detection

motion detection video surveillance

Video surveillance cameras with motion detection react to movement by sending a notification (for example, an email or a text) that something is afoot. The motion also triggers the unit to begin recording the activity. Motion detection is helpful for low-traffic areas where a continuous feed isn’t needed. Motion detection cameras can save battery life and your power bill by responding only when needed.

When combined with AI software, motion detection cameras are even more effective. The camera wakes up to motion. The AI software determines whether the action is human or something else, like an animal. If the activity is human, the software can trigger a security alert.

6. Camera health monitoring

Are you sure your cameras are working? Any electronic device can break down. But when a video surveillance camera malfunctions, your business is vulnerable. That’s why you need tools to monitor the video surveillance units to ensure they work when you need them the most. If a video camera malfunctions, a ping goes from the camera through the internet to a remote monitoring station. The human on the other end knows that the camera is down and can take appropriate action to fix the problem. Having your camera health monitored offers real peace of mind. 

7. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence surveillance camera

You’ve probably heard the buzz about AI in everything from art generation to writing text, but did you know the best small business security systems also use AI-powered software? AI-driven smart cameras feature advanced behaviors to help them function more efficiently. For example, AI can help differentiate between vehicles, people, and animals, cutting down on false alarms. AI can determine geographic boundaries and respond appropriately when an off-limits area is breached. AI cameras can trigger alerts based on specific parameters. Even better, the software can learn from prior behaviors and improve the response.

8. Audio and visual alerts

The best wireless security camera system for small businesses uses two-way audio. These cameras allow you to talk to someone through the speakers and hear their response. Imagine a camera that can alert you to activity as it happens. You can dial in through your cell phone and question the person on the other end of the camera. Or the camera can play a recorded message and flash strobe lights to scare an intruder. These features can give you the upper hand.

These are only eight of the features found in the best security systems for small businesses. If your video surveillance systems lack these benefits, it’s time to call Pro-Vigil. 


What is the best wireless security camera system for small businesses?

Features to look for in a top-of-the-line wireless security camera system include

  • IP camera hosting that allows you to see a real-time video feed from any digital device.

  • IP camera health monitoring that ensures the health of your video surveillance system.

  • Artificial intelligence software that helps the camera work smarter.

  • Better visuals, with night vision and higher resolution.

  • Motion detection that alerts you when activity occurs.

  • Off-site cloud storage for more efficient filing of video recordings.

What are the benefits of the best small business security camera systems? 

Today’s video surveillance tools are increasingly intelligent and proactive. They cut down on false alarms by using better software. The best security systems for small businesses use the internet to reach you on your cell phone or another digital device. Today’s tools give you an advantage over criminals. That’s the biggest benefit of all.

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