As Holiday Cheer Grows, So Does the Crime Rate

The season of good cheer is upon us! Last year at this time, many businesses struggled to stay open while navigating COVID-19 restrictions and mandates. And, while pandemic safety is still top of mind, the nationwide labor shortage is forcing business owners to rethink the way they operate yet again.

The good news is that business is beginning to look more like pre-pandemic levels. 

The not so good news is that, despite this uptick, companies still may be facing a significant lack of staff – whether it’s due to employees taking much-needed vacation or the inability to find qualified talent – and possibly even reduced hours of operation.

Whether you run a dealership, worksite, warehouse, retail store or beyond, this not only means that it may be tough to meet customer demand, but it also means fewer eyeballs on your property and valuable inventory at a time when crime rates are on the rise. 

With this landscape in mind, protecting your property should be high on your priority list this holiday season.

How Common is Crime Over the Holidays?

Here’s a snapshot of just how common crime is over the holidays:

  • Dealerships

    Auto dealerships are a big target. In fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau recently issued an alert warning of increased criminal activity this holiday season, citing a 13% rise in auto thefts nationwide since June 2020.

  • Heavy Equipment

    Data from the National Equipment Register (NER) shows that heavy equipment theft spikes this time of year, starting with Thanksgiving. And it doesn’t stop there, additional NER data shows that heavy equipment theft rises again between December 23 and January 2, as thieves capitalize on Christmas and New Year’s when many dealerships, worksites and storage facilities are closed.

  • Retail

    According to the National Retail Federation's 2021 Retail Security Survey, 69% of retailers surveyed said they are seeing an increase in fraud, crime and overall risk to their company; and organized retail crime and violent incidents are a growing threat.

While things may seem “back to normal” for many consumers, business owners are still feeling the crunch of staffing shortages and reduced hours of operation. 

Combined with the aforementioned crime statistics, these factors are coming together to form a “perfect storm” of risk, leaving your business even more vulnerable to holiday crimes.

Deter Crime with Pro-Vigil

To prevent costly theft and vandalism, many businesses are considering hiring security guards for the first time or increasing the number of guards onsite this holiday season. 

But due to the financial constraints many businesses are facing – not to mention the nationwide staffing shortage – security guards may not be an option.

And even for those businesses who already have guards in place, they can only be in one place at one time, which makes keeping watch over an entire business difficult. 

Deterring crime this time of year should be as much a priority as spending time with family and friends – and you shouldn’t have to choose one or the other.

Luckily, Pro-Vigil’s proactive remote video monitoring solution is available to relieve the burden during the holidays and long after. 

Pro-Vigil combines surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect suspicious activity in real-time.

AI Deterrence

If unusual behavior is detected, like a person crossing your parking lot when no one is supposed to be onsite, one of our virtual guards is notified so they can take the appropriate action. 

In many cases, pre-recorded messages, sirens and strobe lights are activated sending thieves running.

And when necessary, our virtual guards can dispatch the proper authorities as well. 

And the best part is that our cameras and virtual guards keep watch 24x7x365, no matter the time of day or weather outside.

A spike in holiday crime doesn’t have to spell disaster for your business. Contact Pro-Vigil today to learn how we can help.

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