Artificial Intelligence Will Power Predictive Security in 2021

2020 wasn’t “just another year” for anyone. In the world of physical security, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced unique challenges that impacted how organizations across industries protected their premises, and ensured the health and safety of employees, customers and partners.
2021 security

Due to work-from-home requirements, organizations had to figure out how to secure unoccupied properties for an extended period of time. Other organizations had to find ways to ensure social distancing and face-mask wearing on their properties. How will this affect security in 2021?

Those relying on security guards had to manage security on their own when sick guards couldn’t come to work. And these challenges are just the tip of the iceberg.

We expect 2021 to be just as transformational for physical security, but in a much different way. For many companies, physical security is still largely a reactive process – someone breaks into your building and then you analyze video footage after the crime has been committed to see what evidence you can gather.

But companies like ours have worked hard to bring security from a reactive state, to a proactive one. Our remote video monitoring services combine artificial intelligence (AI)-powered live video surveillance with real humans who can identify suspicious activity.

Workplace Video Surveillance

This powerful combination allows us to detect a threat within 18 seconds and deter crime incidents within 30 seconds, using audiovisual deterrents. In 2021, we believe AI will progress in a way that takes security to the next level.

We strongly believe AI in digital video surveillance systems will become much smarter next year, to the point where it will be able to actually predict crime before it happens. Here are two ways we think this will play out:

#1 – AI Goes to College

Artificial intelligence (AI) for video surveillance

AI systems will become significantly “smarter” and more accurate in 2021 because the machine-learning (ML) component of digital video will have processed enough data to increase object-recognition accuracy (much like how young humans become smarter with each year of experience). This is a result of HUMANALYTICS® – the process of humans continually training AI enabled security equipment to make the solution better over time.

Because of this, video surveillance systems that leverage AI functionality will move beyond mere object recognition. (E.g., there’s a person on my property.) Instead they will provide more predictive deterrence (i.e., stopping a crime before it happens) using a pre-defined set of criteria. This criteria could include the suspect’s movements, apparel, etc. of people approaching the business perimeter.

For example, if someone emerges from the shadows after hours carrying a bolt-cutter near a chained fence gate, AI can detect this and turn on lights. They can even make pre-recorded announcements to deter the person from attempting a break-in.

#2 – 4K Video Goes Mainstream

Difference Between IP and CCTV Camera image quality

Another big shift in digital video surveillance will be the move from 1080p resolution to 4K. The higher resolution results in clearer, larger images for more accurate crime detection as well as more robust coverage with fewer cameras. This will help business owners strengthen security while cutting costs.

Supporting our first prediction, 4K will help AI-based systems become “smarter” faster. This is because the amount of data going into ML is nearly quadruple that of 1080p cameras.

Pro-Vigil: Leading the Charge to Predictive Security

Our entire customer base already benefits from AI-powered video surveillance that ensures a proactive security strategy that repels 97% of intruders before they ever commit a crime.

In 2021, we’ll leverage these advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology to move toward a predictive security model. One where things like weather conditions, time of day and the direction someone is walking, for example, could help predict a crime before it ever happens.

Not only will this help our customers strengthen their security, but it will allow them to make better business decisions. To find out how you can benefit from proactive and predictive security, contact us today.

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