Apartment Security Camera Systems: Don’t Leave Out The Pool

The pool at the apartment complex can be difficult to protect - unless you have the proper security in place. Here are our tips.
Pool and apartment security cameras

A pool is an amenity that adds value and appeal to an apartment complex, but it also brings risk to the property. Including apartment security camera systems in the pool area can help mitigate some of the risks associated with pools.

Apartment Complex Pool Risks

Pools are attractive and may even be one of the many selling points of your apartment complex. However, they can also be dangerous. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports drowning as the leading cause of injury-related unintentional death amongst kids ages 1 – 14.

But unattended children aren’t the only ones who create risk. If some of the tenants decide to throw a party and it’s too loud, there’s lots of horseplay, or drugs and alcohol are involved, things could downward spiral. And as the landlord, you could be held liable for an injury or death that happens on your property, even if it involves people who don’t live there.

Landlords have also experienced bad online reviews and ratings based on noise or incidents at the complex pool. And while this may not impact you legally, it could stop potential tenants from considering your property, which is bad for business.

Ways To Improve Apartment Pool Safety

To help keep your residents safe and reduce the risk of poor ratings or an injury-related lawsuit, install apartment security camera systems in the pool area and include the following safety practices at your complex:

  • Review the guidelines in the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC). These guidelines go over things like maintenance, policies, and proper pool management for apartment complexes.
  • Require residents to sign a disclosure document. To protect yourself legally, provide your tenants with a list of all the pool rules and be sure to get their signature confirming they’ve seen them and agree to follow them.
  • Require a key code for entry. Since the pool is private to renters, you can install a gate with an access code or key that is only available to your renters and their guests. This will help keep unwanted intruders out and prevent small children from entering the pool area.
  • Post the rules clearly by the pool. Place a large sign somewhere at your pool so that all swimmers and sunbathers can read them. These rules should include key information such as pool hours, and have rules about proper swim clothes, noise levels, the maximum number of guests, requiring children to be accompanied by an adult, and prohibiting diving.

How Apartment Security Camera Systems Improves Pool Safety

Incorporating the pool safety guidelines included in this article will help prevent many of the risks associated with a pool, however, there are times when situations arise.  Knowing that your pool is being watched 24/7 can serve as a deterrent against potential threats and unruly behavior. And if this fact alone doesn’t stop it, then you have added protection with video surveillance monitoring services.

Monitored video surveillance provides peace of mind knowing that your pool and your tenants are being watched over at all times to ensure their safety. Pro-Vigil’s surveillance solutions have advanced recognition software that can identify, track, and evaluate potential threats. If a threat is detected, it can immediately activate audible and visual deterrents to thwart the activity. This system has proven to be so effective that it blocks 97% of threats before they take a turn for the worse. And for those rare cases when this is not enough, you still have the evidence on your camera to turn over to authorities.

Contact Pro-Vigil today to learn more about video surveillance at your complex pool.

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