AI’s Role in Protecting Facilities: Pro-Vigil’s CTO Explains in Facilities Management Advisor

Explore AI's transformative role in enhancing physical security with Pro-Vigil’s CTO in Facilities Management Advisor.

The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) remains elevated, but when it comes to physical security, the application of AI – particularly in physical security – is producing real results. The combination of remote video monitoring (RMV) solutions and AI has transformed the physical security industry, giving organizations a new tool to deter theft and vandalism at their businesses faster and more accurately than ever before.

And yet, many facilities have yet to start working AI into their physical security strategy. Pro-Vigil’s “State of Physical Security Entering 2024” report found that 71% of businesses said they are not using AI for physical security signaling a substantial education gap.

What do businesses need to know about the emerging role of AI in protecting facilities from thieves and vandals? Satish Raj, Pro-Vigil’s chief technology officer, dives into this topic in a recent piece for Facilities Management Advisor. In this article, Satish explains how AI takes the video surveillance concept of RVM to another level. He also looks into how AI can be fine-tuned for specific facilities, no matter the type, to secure better business outcomes across the board.

Are you ready to harness the power of AI? Learn more in Satish’s Facilities Management Advisor article: Physical Security’s Secret Weapon: How AI is Protecting Facilities.

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