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The Top 5 Benefits of Live Surveillance

The best choice to secure your property and deter crime is a modern, remote video surveillance system. Here are 5 key benefits of live surveillance.
benefits of live surveillance

What are the benefits of live surveillance and remote monitoring? From auto dealerships, to construction sites, to public utilities, to power plants, high-value sites represent attractive targets for criminals. Without the right strategy in place, managing physical security can be an ongoing challenge. To defend against theft, vandalism and other crime, some organizations hire live guards or install basic cameras, but each option has its own set of limitations.

For example, security guards often have additional responsibilities beyond protecting the premises, preventing them from providing full-time surveillance and deterrence. Additionally, they are only as effective as their line of sight.

Passive remote monitoring systems can record-and-store video effectively, but they don’t provide proactive deterrence or response. They only allow you to see the crime after it has been committed.

Benefits of Live Surveillance

Regardless of your business, the best choice to secure your property and deter crime is a modern, IP-based remote video surveillance system. Here are five key benefits of live surveillance.

1. 360-Degree Property Surveillance

Live video surveillance systems can monitor every inch of your property to identify intruders, deter crime and capture footage of incidents in progress – if they ever get that far. In other words, there are no blind spots for criminals to exploit, and they never go off duty.

2. Remote Monitoring

It’s impossible to be physically onsite all the time, but with an IP-based video system, you can use remote video monitoring capabilities to check site activity while on-the-go. Whether you are down the street or in another country, you can easily “check in” at any time by pulling up live or recorded footage with a just a few clicks on your smartphone.

In addition to helping business owners and security professionals observe potentially suspicious activity, remote video monitoring also can be used to improve operations. They can do things such as track customer traffic patterns, ensure employee compliance with safety regulations, and evaluate employee-customer interactions. In short, real-time surveillance provides the information business leaders need to improve processes across the organization.

3. Crime Deterrence

physical security threats

Live video monitoring systems provide audio and visual deterrents to quickly scare off would-be criminals. For example, if a potential threat is detected, the system can automatically sound recorded verbal warnings along with bells and alarms, while flashing bright lights and creating other “surprises” to startle thieves and send them running.

Pro-Vigil uses these types of deterrent methods to successfully prevent 97% of all crimes before they happen. How is this possible? We can detect and deter threats within 30 seconds of their initiation – and the earlier you can take action, the more likely you are to successfully prevent a crime.

4. Physical Safety

lone worker safety

The benefits of live surveillance make security systems a safer choice for protecting your business. For example, they aren’t based on human perception, so facts cannot be misconstrued. Since everything is captured on video, you can see exactly what happened.

5. Virtual Guards

dedicated virtual security guards

Many live video surveillance systems, including ours, offer the services of virtual guards. At Pro-Vigil, we offer our customers a team of live humans that carefully monitor your property 24 x 7 via high-quality video footage. With advanced surveillance training, our team of virtual guards has eyes on your property at all times and will take appropriate action whenever an incident is detected.

Does your current security solution provide you peace of mind that your business is safe? Talk to us to see how simple it can be to secure your property with Pro-Vigil.

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