Avoid These 3 Scary Security Mistakes This Spooky Season

Dive into Pro-Vigil's tips to avoid key security mistakes and keep threats at bay. Don't let gaps haunt your safety.
How Do You Prevent Ghosting on CCTV Cameras?

October means it’s time for ghosts, ghouls – and physical security mistakes! That’s right, nothing is scarier than a gap in your physical security strategy. It lets all sorts of spooky things happen. 

Sure, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger are the things nightmares are made of, but it’s a great time of year to reassess your security strategy and make sure you’re ready to detect and deter the bad guys (like those two) and keep them at bay. Before you head out to enjoy your favorite Halloween haunt or trick-or-treat with the kids, we recommend reassessing your physical security strategy. Our experts are here with easy actions you can take to make your defense strong and still have time to catch your favorite slasher flick.

1. Forget the frights, turn on the lights

It’s no secret ghosts love the cover of darkness. Unfortunately, thieves and vandals do too, and too many businesses aren’t properly lit. Consider walking around your business at night and take stock of any areas that are in the dark. Adding ample lighting will not only add another layer of defense, but it can also boost the quality of your surveillance camera footage for better detection and response. Need a little more help? Check out our Ultimate Illumination checklist!

2. Keep the ghosts at bay by locking up every day

Treat thieves like the boogeyman – don’t make it easy for them to get in! Businesses often help thieves by leaving gates unlocked or valuable equipment lying around for the taking. If criminals see a target, they will try to take it. Consider making it part of your team’s daily routine to check that all entry points are locked at the end of the day and any loose tools or equipment are properly secured. It’s just as important as locking your front door at night.

3. Don’t be scared – you’re not in this alone!

You wouldn’t go into a haunted house without a trusted friend by your side. Turns out, you shouldn’t treat physical security any differently! Many businesses try to tackle security on their own and eventually it becomes an afterthought. Let’s face it, you’re busy focusing on what matters most – running the business! Pro-Vigil has trusted security experts that can help develop a custom plan from scratch, or tweak what’s already in place. Partnering with an expert is the ultimate way to make sure gaps don’t exist in your security strategy.

If you’re making any of the security mistakes outlined above – it’s ok. There’s still time to make changes and get back on track. Don’t let these physical security loopholes haunt you in the long run. Contact Pro-Vigil to chat with our security experts and learn how we can partner to make 24/7 crime detection and deterrence a reality.

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