2024 Security Trends: A Shift in RVM and AI Adoption

2024 trends: Businesses expand AI use beyond security, leveraging AI-enabled RVM for customer insights, efficiency, and broader operational improvements.
Artificial intelligence (AI) for video surveillance

In 2023, 71% of businesses weren’t incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their physical security. But as we get further into 2024, the lag in AI adoption is starting to slow. No longer confined to only identifying security events, AI-enabled video is now being harnessed to address real business needs. We are beginning to see companies use AI to improve customer relationships and overall business operations. 

Traditionally, the use of AI in remote video monitoring (RVM) has been for data collection and alerting on suspicious activity. However, businesses are recognizing the untapped potential of the systems they already have in place: AI-enabled video will soon be used in everything from enhancing customer relationships, to driving revenue growth, and even in optimizing operational efficiencies. 

Other ways that AI-enabled video data will soon impact business broadly include: 

  • Identifying repeat customers 
  • Improving staffing levels and efficiency 
  • Understanding business traffic
  • Identifying safety risks on worksites

The recognition of this versatility is positioning AI-enabled RVM not only as a powerful security technology, but also as an indispensable asset that will soon drive tangible business outcomes across sectors. 

New industries are now adopting RVM

Staffing continues to be a challenge across industries. Hiring on-site guards is harder, more expensive, and ultimately not as effective as automated alternatives like AI-enabled RVM. After all, a human guard can only be in one place at a time. As a result, more industries are turning to AI-enabled RVM to complement human guards. 

They are also transitioning away from outdated defenses while generating better business outcomes. A few examples include:

  • Retail centers using AI-enabled RVM to monitor parking lots.
  • Critical infrastructure companies are moving on from outdated electric fences to AI-enabled RVM.
  • Collision centers will soon leverage AI-enabled RVM to track and timestamp damage on cars.

The AI-enabled RVM industry will shift from focusing solely on deterring theft and protecting assets to a more holistic solution to address other business needs. This trend will continue to make strides in 2024, positioning AI-enabled RVM as a catalyst for addressing critical operational needs. If you want to learn more, talk with our security experts today.

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