15% Of Businesses Never Check Their Camera Footage – And That’s A Problem

In our first flash poll, we asked: How often do you check your security camera footage? And the results are in...

If you’ve visited the Pro-Vigil LinkedIn page recently, you may have noticed our new flash polls! From time to time, we want to get our finger on the pulse of physical security today and find out how you think about securing your business.

How Often Should You Check Camera Footage?

Let’s dive into the results. The good news is that most (58%) are checking their surveillance camera footage daily.


of businesses check their security footage daily

And while that’s great and shows a commitment to physical security, there’s still room for improvement!

In fact, our team of video surveillance experts recommends having someone always monitoring your camera feeds, or at least after hours or on weekends when no one should be on the property. 

The reason why is simple. While traditional record-and-store surveillance cameras are a great way to catch crime on camera, it may be hours or days later until you actually watch that footage.

Your chances of catching criminals or getting back your valuable assets is greatly reduced as time passes – even if it’s an hour or two later. And while having footage of a crime as evidence can be useful, it doesn’t make up for the immediate losses you may be facing from a break-in.

Video Surveillance HD footage

Around the clock surveillance monitoring is no small task, especially for businesses who may not have an employee dedicated to overseeing security operations.

Luckily, technology exists today to make sure you don’t have to take on that burden. Remote video monitoring Services (RVMS) utilizes virtual guards who monitor your business from anywhere. So, when you can’t be watching, they are!

What is Remote Video Monitoring

At Pro-Vigil, we take RVMS a step further by combining our team of virtual guards with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our cameras use AI to spot suspicious behavior as it happens (like someone walking across your parking lot after hours when no one should be there).

Once the AI notifies our virtual guards that something may be wrong, our trained staff can then take the appropriate action to deter crime – whether that be activating strobe lights and sirens to scare thieves off, or in the worst-case scenarios, contacting the proper authorities.

AI Deterrence

Your surveillance cameras should be monitored at all times to ensure the best results. To learn how Pro-Vigil can help secure your business, contact us today.

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