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Multi-Family Living Security Systems

Whenever you have more than one family living in close proximity with one another the potential for problems increases. In addition to issues related to crime and vandalism, there are other things that need to be considered. For apartments and other multi-family complexes to function, they need the safety and security that comes from proper surveillance.

Multi-family Living

  • Condos, apartment buildings, and other multi-family spaces are at high risk for theft
  • Fire is another serious concern, as it can get out of control quickly Pro-Vigil can alert you quicker
  • Use the camera to help protect valuable equipment and control who has access to common areas
  • 24/7 surveillance with a live virtual security guard can protect your property

Multi-Family Living Solutions

When it comes to multi-family living surveillance systems, Pro-Vigil has all the best options and security solutions. With high-quality video surveillance, property managers can help ensure that those who live in multi-family complexes can enjoy peace of mind. The presence of surveillance cameras are often enough to deter criminals, and when crimes do occur, video surveillance footage and Pro-Vigil’s video investigation services help ensure that the police have all of the necessary evidence and important investigation-details they need. These same cameras systems can be used to help protect valuable equipment, and to control access to common areas.

Protection that’s Close to Home

Pro-Vigil systems can be installed new or adapted to work with existing systems. These cameras upload directly to the cloud, and automatically record and retain data for 14 days, for easy review. When placed in locations that help to maintain tenant privacy, such as parking lots, entrances, and laundry rooms, a high-tech Pro-Vigil surveillance system can help tenants feel safe, and when tenants feel safe, then everyone’s happy.

Hear How Pro-Vigil Performs For Multi-Family Locations

“We evaluated several options prior to contracting with Pro-Vigil. We felt the system provided by Pro-Vigil was superior to that of an onsite security guard as we felt this option would be more reliable. We also like the ability to review video which can also aid in other jobsite incident investigations. Having a system that monitors 24/7 gives us peace of mind even when we are offsite. The ability to login anytime, from anywhere was also a large factor in our decision.”

– Thomas Crouch, Construction Division Manager at Metropolitan Homes, Inc.

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