What are live video surveillance systems?

Live video surveillance systems are typically used by businesses to protect their assets.  It combines live video feeds with human and artificial intelligence to detect potential threats faster that any other method of security.

What type of internet connection do I need for a fixed system?

We would prefer a dedicated business class broadband connection with a minimum of 50kbps per camera upload speed. This will allow us to manage the connection and the video will not affect the network’s performance.

How long does it take to install the live video surveillance system?

Mobile products for live video surveillance systems are less than 5 business days and fixed live video surveillance systems are less than 10 business days.

Do I have to purchase the live video surveillance system?

No, we do not charge for hardware. We charge a monthly fee to manage, maintain, and monitor all surveillance systems.

Do I have access to the video feeds and archived video?

Of course, our surveillance solutions are a great management tool for business owners and managers.

How do I look at my cameras?

You can view your cameras at any time with any web connected device. Instructions are sent to you via email once your installation is complete.

I showed up to my site, and the unit didn’t go off. Why?

Our Remote Guards are assigned the same sites, and grow accustomed to the schedule and regular visitors for each. If we see someone arrive one hour before the end of monitoring, unlock the gate with a key, and pull up to the job trailer with a huge logo on the side of the vehicle, we will use our discretion. This is a major difference between us and event-based companies.

How long does the activity have to be in camera view before it is detected?

3 seconds is our general rule of thumb. Though our Remote Guards monitor very few cameras each, an activity needs to elapse over enough time for the individual watching the cameras to train their eyes on that particular event.

Why is the video grainy (low resolution)?

Our primary obligation to our customers is to identify potential intruders, and through our outputs, attempt to deter them and contact local authorities if that fails. 80% of our units are delivering the video streams over a 3/4G cellular network, so we have a choice of more frames of video or a better picture. Because we only need to identify an individual and not who they are, we elected for more-frequent frames of video. The standard resolution is 320×240 for viewing. Each camera or system also support local storage, so the system is configured to record at the highest resolution that the camera supports. Most of our cameras support from 800×600 to 5 megapixel with the highest number of cameras used at 1 megapixel.

If the unit has pan/tilt/zoom cameras, can I control them?

Yes, our clients do have access to the PTZ controls on our systems. You do not need to return the units to their home position, they will return on their own after 5 minutes.

How long will a unit run on battery backup?

From 45 minutes to 10 hours depending on the unit type. Your Representative can give you the details for each particular unit.

How do I notify you when we will be arriving on site?

You have multiple options for disarming the monitoring services. You can call our toll free number, send a text message to our surveillance center, or disarm using the iOS App (iPhone/iPad).

If we relocate a unit ourselves, do we need to pay the relocation fee?

No. If our Field Technician doesn’t need to physically go to the site, then you will not be charged a relocation fee.

Do I need to provide lighting for the site at night?

No matter what cameras are being used, the more light that is available (ambient or artificial), the better the views from the cameras. Some of our units are equipped with their own light, while others have low lux day/night cameras that magnify light. The first night after an install, we email the day and night views to the customer and representative. If the views are not adequate to protect the site, additional units or lighting may be required.

Can I run the units on a generator?

Though we don’t recommend powering our units on generators, due to issues associated with cost and emissions, it is possible. We do require continuous power without interruptions.