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Scrap Yard Video Surveillance

When it comes to safety and security, scrap yards offer a number of unique challenges. The large, open-air yards are seldom protected by more than chain-link fences but contain valuable scrap and raw materials that are very attractive targets for thieves. At the same time, the heavy equipment inside the yard can be hazardous to workers who are not following correct safety procedures. These are issues that can only be addressed using complete, high-quality scrap yard surveillance solutions.

Scrap Yards

  • The heavy equipment used in scrap yards pose a hazard to employees
  • Valuable scrap and raw materials are prime targets for thieves and Pro-Vigil will identify, evaluate, and address thieves
  • Pro-Vigils Security Cameras provide an unobstructed view of the entire yard and can respond to threats before they can cause any damage
  • A wireless video security system for businesses can protect both the yard and the people who work there

Scrap-Yard Solutions

Video surveillance gives scrap yards the watchful eye that they need in order to remain safe and secure. Cameras that provide an unobstructed view of the entire yard and its perimeter can identify and respond to threats before they can cause any damage. These same cameras can be used to ensure that employees are following best practices when using potentially-hazardous equipment. Advanced threat detection technology also provides superior fire-watch solutions, so that fire-control teams can be alerted before the fire gets out of hand.

Don’t Throw Surveillance on the Scrap Heap

With Pro-Vigil video and security solutions, scrap yard owners and operators can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having the highest-quality surveillance technology available. Pro-Vigil systems use advanced threat detection software, and are monitored at all times, so that should a threat to the scrap yard occur, Pro-Vigil will identify, evaluate, and address it before it before it can turn into a problem. Pro-Vigil security systems can be installed in any location, customized to fit the layout of any scrap yard, or adapted to work with existing systems. Pro-Vigil recognizes the value of scrap, and provides the right protection to help keep it safe—no matter the threat.

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