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Real Estate Property Security

Pro-Vigil's Surveillance Solutions are Dedicated to Keeping Your Real Estate Property Secure

Vacant homes and other real estate properties have a way of capturing the unwanted attention of many different kinds of criminals. Some attempt to break into these properties in order to get to the valuable appliances, furniture, or even mechanical and electrical components that may be found inside. Others are only interested in damaging the property at the expense of the owner. Still, others are simply out-of-luck individuals who are looking for a place to spend the night. Unfortunately, when unauthorized individuals break into your real estate properties, they put both themselves and your investment at risk. Likewise, non-criminal threats such as fire, flood, and pest infestation can easily devalue real estate properties if not discovered quickly. Pro-Vigil is here to help with your real estate security needs. 


  • Vacant properties face different risks from occupied ones, Pro-Vigil’s real estate security will stop those risks from happening
  • Thieves usually target valuable appliances and furnishings
  • Some will break in looking for a place to sleep which can cause safety risks that might put your investment at risk
  • Video cameras will help prevent and deter forced entry crimes, and Pro-Vigil’s remote security guard will alert local authorities if necessary
  • Pro-Vigil systems automatically record and keep data off-site, so that your video footage will never be in danger of being tampered with

Real Estate Security Solutions

Pro-Vigil surveillance systems make it possible to keep your various real estate properties safe at all hours of the day and night with our unique real estate property security solutions. By working with Pro-Vigil to design and install a custom system, or to adapt the system that you already have, you can take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that has made Pro-Vigil an industry leader. By using special recognition software that can automatically identify and respond to intruders, remote security guards can actively evaluate potential threats as they occur, and respond appropriately—by contacting monitors, activating remote deterrents, or alerting the local authorities. With Pro-Vigil real estate security solutions, you’ll be able to always know exactly what’s going on at your real estate properties.

Real Advancements for Real Estate Security

Pro-Vigil systems automatically record and keep data off-site, so that your video footage will never be in danger of being tampered with or destroyed. Additionally, intelligent software detection helps to ensure that the systems are protected against any form of digital attacks. So, whether you’re worried about break-ins, fires, or any of the hundreds of other dangers that could damage your property, Pro-Vigil has the technology to give you peace of mind.

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