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Utility Security: Wind, Solar & Water

People depend upon uninterrupted access to their utilities. Electrical power, drinkable water, gas for heating, renewable energy sources, and even cable and telephone services—all are essential to maintaining a viable way of life for families and individuals across the nation. Unfortunately, the high number of utility sites means that many of these vital locations are completely unprotected from the threats of criminal activity, terrorist attack, vandalism, fire, employee misconduct, and other potential dangers. High-quality video surveillance options can help to secure these sites.

Utilities Solutions

For utility sites to be able to operate effectively, they need constant protection. Pro-Vigil remote surveillance units can be placed anywhere or integrated into most existing surveillance systems, and can be accessed at any time, from any internet-enabled device, so that you’ll always have a complete picture of what’s happening on-site. Pro-Vigil cameras feature advanced threat-detection software, as well as superior remote monitoring, so that if anything happens that might pose a risk to your utility site, you can rest assured that the appropriate action will be taken—every time.

Utilizing the Right Technology

Pro-Vigil cameras are solar-powered with a battery backup, so you’ll never have to worry about them powering down when you need them the most. Additionally, they send all recorded footage directly to the cloud, where it is automatically stored for at least 14 days. This means that nothing will ever be able to destroy or tamper with any of the information captured by Pro-Vigil remote guard units. Pro-Vigil cameras are also protected against cyber threats. So, no matter what utilities you need to protect, Pro-Vigil will help ensure that the people who depend on you will never get left in the dark.