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Ranch Gate Security Services

Ranch gates help to protect some of the most valuable and sensitive sites in the world. From vast acres of grazing pastures for livestock, to locations used for oil drilling and production, ranch gates help to keep criminals out, and valuable resources in. However, given the large areas that they are responsible to protect, it can be difficult for the gates themselves to provide effective security solutions without the aid of superior video surveillance.

Ranch Gate Guard Service

When it comes to defending the large, open fields that are often protected by ranch gates, living security guards present a number of disadvantages. To hire, train, and equip a team of security personnel presents what can be a significant and on-going expense, and the long-term effectiveness of on-site security professionals has a tendency to decrease over time, as the guards can easily become inattentive. Pro-Vigil offers a better solution. With automated, mobile surveillance units capable of keeping ranch gates secure 24-7, nothing will be able to get in (or out) without being seen.

Solutions You Can Bet the Ranch On

The technology that powers Pro-Vigil remote guards allow them to function regardless of environmental hazards. Solar power-sources, combined with emergency backup batteries mean that no power-outage will ever leave a gate unprotected, and cellular internet connectivity and cloud-based data storage mean that anything captured on video is kept off-site, and away from tampering. Add to these features the advanced threat-recognition software that has made Pro-Vigil a leader in the surveillance industry, and you have a ranch-gate solution you can trust. Keeping criminals out, livestock in, or just making sure that everything is working properly—Pro-Vigil makes it all possible.