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Los Angeles, California Business Security Systems

Los Angeles is an exciting place to build a business, because of the population of around 4 million, the beachfront communities, and the tourism. There is a mix of both blue- and white-collar jobs, many in media and the arts. And more adults in Los Angeles have college degrees than in a typical U.S. community.

However, the Los Angeles crime rate, at 33 crimes per thousand residents, is higher than average for American towns and cities. You have a one in 30 chance of being hurt by a violent or property crime in Los Angeles, which is a higher rate than in 79% of other communities in California.

The rate of property crimes in Los Angeles is 25 for every one thousand residents, which is above average for U.S. communities of all sizes. Your chances of becoming the victim of a motor vehicle theft, larceny, burglary, or arson are one in 39. Also, the city’s violent crime rate is one of the highest in the country.

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Deter Crime with Pro-Vigil

Pro-Vigil’s infrastructure is now established so we can offer Los Angeles security to any business, with a faster response time than our competitors. Your business security system will often stop crime before it happens, using:

  • Artificial intelligence that recognizes threats 24 hours a day
  • Alarms, strobe lights, and personalized audio warnings that deter 93% of criminals
  • Live guards who watch your camera feeds remotely
  • The latest wireless surveillance cameras

If any criminal continues past these deterrents, your live human guard calls the Los Angeles police department and gives them a fast and detailed report. We bring officers to the scene more quickly than the average caller would.

To react to Los Angeles crime as quickly as possible, Pro-Vigil pairs threat-recognition software with human monitoring. The software scans your video feeds constantly and keeps learning. It sends alerts and threat assessments to the human guard. And both the software and the guard can respond quickly to criminals.

Protection from Floods, Fires, and More

Pro-Vigil watches your business for the first signs of fire, flood, accidents, and more. Your software and guard scan for any sign of danger. We’ll alert Los Angeles emergency services and your management team within minutes. Often, no one would even see the danger approaching otherwise!

To protect your employees and other assets, Pro-Vigil can detect when personnel are not using safety procedures and guidelines as they should—especially important around heavy equipment. Surveillance can pinpoint the specific problems, so you can provide training to correct them.

Examples of Los Angeles Businesses that Can Use Pro-Vigil

These three examples illustrate how Pro-Vigil can protect different business types. But remember many other kinds of businesses can use our security system.

Auto Dealerships

According to FBI data, Los Angeles crime includes a high rate of motor vehicle theft. Car lots are especially appealing to thieves because the most expensive cars are there and can even be used as a getaway vehicle. Vandalism and arson are also problems for dealerships.

To protect your auto dealership, Pro-Vigil uses these measures:

  • Software especially optimized to monitor vehicles, featuring license plate recognition
  • Live, remote guards and a threat-recognition program that quickly respond to the first signs of damage or theft
  • Recordings of incidents such as slips and falls
  • Monitoring of dangerous weather conditions through live camera feeds

Apartment Buildings and Complexes

The most common type of housing in Los Angeles is apartments. But they’re vulnerable to burglary, vandalism, and fires, which can be caused by the residents themselves.

A Pro-Vigil state-of-the-art Los Angeles security system can give you peace of mind by:

  • Detecting fires as they start and calling the fire department
  • Noticing and deterring suspicious activity in and around your buildings
  • Guarding the assets in your common areas and controlling access to them
  • Recording incidents you can review to resolve problems

Real Estate Developments

When workers go home from a development site, thieves and vagrants are looking to break in. They want new appliances, furniture, or a place to sleep for the night. And they leave expensive losses and safety hazards in their wakes.

Can you protect the grounds and structures at your build site with a fence and a security guard? Unfortunately, a guard can’t see everything at once and might not be totally alert all night. Most importantly, a violent criminal can be deadly to a guard.

Protect your valuable development from Los Angeles crime with a Pro-Vigil system that:

  • Guards your site for a single monthly bill that is less expensive than employing a guard
  • Doesn’t require an on-site employee who can be injured during a break-in
  • Records incidents with a level of detail that a human guard can’t match
  • Operates even without electrical lines using solar and battery power
  • Stays totally alert 24/7

Quick Installation and Upgrades

Your territory manager can have your state-of-the-art cameras installed in five days or less. We’ll use satellite imagery to create a customized security plan for your site. Then, we’ll install wireless cameras in the optimal places to cover security gaps.

If you have a security system already, we can quickly upgrade it with new abilities, such as live monitoring, interactive mobile apps, and object tracking. You can also switch to newer, more dependable cameras with increased resolution and accuracy.

Our analytics services can also improve your business. By analyzing hours of video feeds, our system reports on customer demographics, people counts, peak shopping hours, and even day-to-day activities like package delivery time.

Other convenient options for your Los Angeles security system include:

  • Live camera feeds on your computer and mobile device
  • Two weeks of video recordings backed up off-site
  • A mobile app that allows you to arm and disarm your alarms, view the status of cameras, communicate with Pro-Vigil, and more

A Los Angeles security system from Pro-Vigil protects any type of business that you have, even a temporary work site, for a low price tag. So, buy a Pro-Vigil system today to protect your valuable asset. See our cutting-edge technologies and services at