While many property owners hire private security professionals to protect their gates, there are a number of drawbacks to doing so. Aside from the added cost of hiring, training and equipping security guards, there are also issues such as continuous attentiveness to consider. Pro-Vigil offers an alternative with it’s multiple subdivision security solutions.

Pro-Vigil Virtual Guard platforms can be deployed at any location and at any time. By relying on cellular internet communication, our remote guards are also capable of recording video data directly to the cloud, where it’s easily accessible.

Pro-Vigil surveillance is able to identify and respond to a number of different events, including: gates left open, illegal dumping, time and attendance issues, and access by unauthorized individuals. If an incident occurs near your Pro-Vigil protected gate, you’ll know about it immediately—ensuring the best subdivision security.

Ready to secure your subdivision?

Pro-Vigil deters intruders 97% of the time without having to dispatch law enforcement.