FBI Reports Show an Estimated

7 Million Property Crimes

Every Year

Protect Your Private Community Investment


Private communities have grown by 53%. Protect your master planned community investment with Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) from Pro-Vigil.

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Pro-Vigil Deters Crime 97% of the Time

Overcoming Security Challenges for Private Communities

Criminals target master planned communities to damage valuable public areas or steal assets. The cost to repair or replace is often greater than the value of the asset. The three most common security measures taken by private communities protect the property, but can be enhanced or replaced by RVM to help mitigate these threats.

Gated Entrances

Protect this expensive asset with RVM and enhance the value of its security measure.

24-Hour Patrols

Live guards get sick, need time off and cannot be everywhere at once. RVM has none of these costly inconveniences.


Pro-Active Security

Cameras that are not monitored just record events, and are not a preventive measure. RVM is live monitoring. Stop crime before it ever happens.

Video surveillance monitoring provides protection at all hours and against all threats.

Pro-Vigil Statistics Are Unmatched.

Second Response Time
Intruders Warded Off
Average Annual Arrests
Crimes Stopped Annually

Pool Break-in & Mailroom Theft Foiled

From pool monitoring, to securing your mailroom – Pro-Vigil has you covered.
Check out these incidents caught on camera!

Safe and Unobtrusive

Advanced Neighborhood Surveillance

Pro-Vigil Virtual Guards can be deployed at any location, at any time. If an incident occurs, you’ll know about it immediately. Our neighborhood solution is made for a community’s public areas to identify:

Gates Left Open


Illegal Dumping

no tresspassing

Unauthorized Access




no tresspassing

Unauthorized Access

Get the best subdivision security money can buy

Remote Video Monitoring

Our permanent, mobile and RVM offers security solution choices. Benefits from using a Pro-Vigil solution include:

Get swift 911 dispatch without triggering false alarms

Protect your property after hours without sacrificing customer experience

Promote safety in the public areas of the neighborhood

Video Monitoring Neutralizes Risk

To Protect Neighborhoods In Any Location

Our neighborhood security uses AI technology that automatically identifies and responds to intruders and other threats. Our software instantly alerts our trained staff of our virtual guards, who evaluate potential threats in real time. We respond by activating audio & visual deterrents or alerting local authorities when needed.

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Machine Learning Video Analysis

Identify, evaluate, and escalate threats automatically with the help of artificial intelligence

Remote Video Monitoring

Monitor security video continuously to prevent theft before it occurs 97% of the time

Audio & Visual Deterrents

Equip neighborhoods with audible and visual deterrents - on new or existing equipment

Include video monitoring services in your neighborhood’s security solution to deter theft and vandalism. 

The Speed of Remote Surveillance

Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring relies on AI video surveillance and machine learning video analysis to detect, deter, and dispatch in unmatched speed.



Remote surveillance flags unusual and unwanted activity with machine learning video analysis



Both audio and visual deterrents are activated after a virtual guard verifies the threat



When needed, 911 authorities are dispatched by your virtual guard

In less than two minutes remote video monitoring can help to identify a threat, verify it, and notify proper authorities if necessary. Choose video surveillance monitoring as your security solution.

Pro-Vigil’s Remote Surveillance

Our permanent, mobile and remote video monitoring offers solution choices for properties that fills in any security gap. Benefits from using a Pro-Vigil solution include:


AI Video Surveillance

Determine threat level with advanced software and notify authorities if necessary


Audio Deterrent Services

Notify intruders with a loud voice warning that they have been spotted and authorities will be contacted


Camera Health Monitoring

Automatically detects equipment issues, conducts trend analysis, fixes issues where possible, and alerts people when needed


Dedicated Mobile App

Access remote video monitoring statistics, arming or disarming, and live feeds


Smart Search Capabilities

View footage quickly based on search terms or keywords

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Cloud Based Surveillance

Provide secure access to data and minimize storage limitations


Visual Deterrents

Deploy bright, flashing lights to alarm intruders that they have been spotted

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