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People Counting Systems

People Counting Software to Help You Make Better Business Decisions

People Counting Software

Knowing precisely who and how many people are coming into your store, office, or work environment is of monumental importance when developing any type of business strategy. Getting any accurate recording of those people, however, can prove difficult.

More traditional methods have been relied on before, but each have their own set of shortcomings. You may be missing opportunities to reach prospective clients if you don’t have your staff scheduled to work at the right times or in the right locations to meet them at the entrances. You may be allocating time and resources to staff at the wrong times, having too few people around during peak hours or having too many employees during quieter times.

Failing to keep track of who enters your place of business can also be a detriment to requests for more funding. You need that hard data to show you need more money and resources. Manual counts are possible, but they’re often labor-intensive and be inaccurate.

All of these problems can be overcome with Pro-Vigil’s people counting systems. With our systems, you don’t have to rely on gut instinct of inaccurate observations to determine what exhibits in your store are the most popular. People counting software can help you determine what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to try new approaches and evaluate them to see if your efforts get results. People counting systems can keep track of foot traffic, giving you the data to figure out how the physical layout affects the usage of space. It also helps you measure if physical advertising has the impact and ROI you’re looking for.

People Counting Solutions

The customer traffic counters provided by Pro-Vigil essentially takes the guesswork out of equation by calculating how many people are entering and exiting your store. Our systems monitor your store at all hours of the day, giving you a clear picture of who is visiting, what hours they visit, and where they go while they’re on your premises. The use of a people counter is something that can be a great benefit to a large variety of industries. Most people will think of the retail industry as the perfect use case, but people counting systems go further than that. Hospitals can track how many patients they’re getting. Banks can record when their peak hours are. Sports arenas can get detailed information on where customers go when past the ticket counters. The data is useful in almost every type of business.

The Technology Behind People Counting

Pro-Vigil’s people counting technology takes advantage of other technological areas like facial recognition and big data analytics. It is actually an ideal solution for businesses featuring high traffic environments where quick and accurate volume metrics are needed. A concert venue, for example, would want to use it to see the flows of people movement for better planning in the future. Our people counting systems are able to report the numbers to you as they happen. All data is delivered live, providing you with up to date information that you can use immediately. You can choose exactly how you receive our reports, whether it be hourly, daily, weekly, or annually. All the data recorded and analyzed can then be easily exported to Excel for further analysis. The people counting technology used by Pro-Vigil is user friendly and easily accessible, giving more businesses the opportunity to take advantage of its benefits.

Features and Benefits

Pro-Vigil’s people counting system has numerous features and benefits for businesses no matter their size or function. Our people counting software is an ideal fit for either small or large camera deployments. The web based interface makes it easy for any organization to use and apply toward their operations. The reporting is built into the system, allowing for comprehensive data to be delivered based upon what times you would prefer. If you need the data every hour, that can be arranged. If it’s only important to have that information each month, it’s just as easy to receive those reports at that time. Our people counting technology also releases staffing reports for retail environments.

The people counting system provided by Pro-Vigil uses a simple set-up and configuration applicable to nearly any business out there. It minimizes mistakes that other systems may encounter by taking into account possible errors caused by environmental factors such as shadows, lighting changes, and reflections. This ensures you are getting the most accurate data available.

Pro-Vigil’s people counting software formulates reports that are available in the form of simple tables and charts — providing the platform for a simple and informative way to study and analyze intelligent video data. Equally important is how the system provides that important data about physical traffic without taxing your current resources. This system also easily integrates with any existing Pro-Vigil software you may have. All analysis is conducted on-camera as opposed to it being done on a central server. This in turn minimizes the physical impact of the visitor counting system you’re using.

Set-Up and Integration

Setting up Pro-Vigil’s people counting system is quick and easy. It already works well with other Pro-Vigil systems and makes for a smooth transition if you’re already familiar with how to work a typical store people counter. Designed with ease of use in mind, our people counting software is versatile enough to apply to nearly any business out there. Integrating it with other surveillance systems is a breeze, making this people counting system the smart choice for keeping track of everyone who passes through your business. Pro-Vigil also provides helpful support should you need assistance with any aspect of set-up or maintenance.

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