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Crime in Dallas is as hot as the pavement. Crime statistics data says your chance of being a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 113. Your chance of experiencing a property crime is much worse, at 1 in 27. You need a way to mitigate these risks while protecting your property, customers, and employees. 

That’s where Pro-Vigil can help. 

We offer Dallas commercial property and business owners state-of-the-art video surveillance tools. Pro-Vigil is a leader in Dallas area security camera system design, installation, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.


Per 100k residents

Car Theft

Per 100k residents

Property Crime

Per 100k residents

Property Crime – 75.99% above national average

Data from Homesnacks

Pro-Vigil Video Security Includes:

24/7 remote camera monitoring

Our trained guards don’t need to be on site to have eyes on the ground. This service stops Dallas crime before it happens.

Internet-connected video surveillance

can ping your team with security red flags. Our smart cameras will let you or your team know about it—no matter where you are.

Solar-powered video surveillance cameras

that need no wiring. They’re suitable for any outdoor location and cut the costs of expensive wiring installation projects.

Dallas Video Security Design

Most Dallas-area Pro-Vigil clients come to us with a big problem. How can they redesign and modernize their existing video surveillance infrastructures? Alternatively, they’re opening a new location and they need an airtight security camera system to protect their business. Who can they trust to solve these security challenges without breaking their budget?

Pro-Vigil is the trusted advisor for smart commercial security systems in the Dallas region. We help our clients protect their investments and sleep a little better at night.

Eliminates liability and cost of on-site security guards

Increases the odds of proactively stopping crime

Broadens your security footprint to every corner of your property

If you’re searching for a security camera company in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place. Pro-Vigil has designed hundreds of customized installations here and around the country. But design isn’t all we do.

Surveillance Camera Installation in the Dallas Area

Once we work with our clients to design the perfect customized video surveillance setup, Pro-Vigil offers security camera installation as well. From small Mom and Pop shops to sprawling geographic territories to multi-location businesses, Pro-Vigil gets it done.

  • Apartment complexes

  • Car dealerships

  • Construction sites

  • Government buildings

  • Industrial complexes

  • Office buildings and commercial real estate

  • Retail stores

  • Schools

  • Self-storage unit

  • Warehouses

Every business is unique. Every property has blind spots. Our customized commercial security systems make Dallas businesses a little bit smarter at deterring crime.

Best Features for Dallas Video Surveillance

Pro-Vigil is the number one security camera installation and operation firm in Dallas, Texas. We offer our clients a personalized assessment, design, installtion and on-going maintenance.

Artificial intelligence

allows the camera to learn from prior behaviors.

Audio and visual deterrents

sound alarms, flash lights, play recordings notifying intruders that they’ve been spotted.

Multiview monitoring

allows you or your security team to go online and pull up camera feeds from your smartphone.

Easy storage and search features

in the cloud.

Smart analytics

spot patterns of behaviors that could indicate a criminal is watching your business.

Dallas, Texas Commercial Security Systems Maintenance and Monitoring

Custom video surveillance installations are living infrastructures. Once we complete the installation, we offer remote IP camera monitoring to check these smart video surveillance tools. This allows us to upgrade software through the cloud. We can also monitor these tools to ensure they are working properly. 

Arrests & Deterrences Caught On Camera

See how simple it can be to secure your business through remote video monitoring.