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Pro-Vigil Can Protect Businesses in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois Business Security Systems

Chicagoans are a happy bunch. We have Second City and Wrigley Field, the Lakefront Trail and beaches, the free Lincoln Park Zoo, and much more. Chicago’s jobs include a healthy mix of white- and blue-collar positions, and the percentage of college-educated adults is almost double the national average.


But the Chicago, Illinois crime rate, of 44 crimes per thousand residents, is one of the highest in the U.S. Your chance of being the victim of a violent or property crime in Chicago is one in 23, which is higher than in 96% of other Illinois communities. Of all American communities, Chicago’s crime rate is also significantly higher than average.


Looking at types of crime separately, your chance of being the victim of any violent crime in Chicago is one in 90, and Chicago’s murder rate is one of the highest in the nation. But you have a one in 31 chance of being the victim of a property crime, which includes burglary, arson, motor vehicle theft, and larceny.    

Stop Crime in Your Sleep with Pro-Vigil

Pro-Vigil’s business security system automatically deters criminals from entering your property and calls the police on those that persist. We monitor multiple surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t have to spend any of your valuable time on it yourself.

To help you rest easier, we’ve worked hard to become the fastest in the business at responding to threats. Your Chicago, Illinois security system watches your video feeds with threat-detection and pattern-recognition software and a trained, remote human guard.

Your system will activate alarms, custom audio warnings, and strobe lights to stop 93% of crimes. For the other 7%, your guard will call the police and use specialized training to bring officers to the scene faster than the typical response time.

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Fast Installations and Upgrades

Don’t worry about the installation. Pro-Vigil’s culture is built on giving you the best service the first time. Your territory manager will survey your site and find any vulnerable security gaps through satellite imagery.

He or she will make a custom security layout for whatever kind of business you have. Your cutting-edge wireless cameras will be in place in five days or less, with no extra work or management needed on your part.

We can also upgrade any security setup you already have. The latest cameras can pick out fine details that are lost on older models. Enhanced resolution means better threat detection and more accurate reporting. We can also improve your system with remote human monitoring, automatic object tracking, an interactive mobile app, and more.

An optional upgrade is analytics reporting. Software automatically compiles data on peak shopping hours, people counts, and customer demographics. You can also get reports on time and attendance, risk mitigation data, package delivery, and more.

Your Chicago, Illinois security system will also give you:

  • Two weeks of cloud-based surveillance recordings
  • Access to live video feeds on your web-enabled devices
  • A mobile app with options to control your system and communicate with Pro-Vigil

Detection of and Response to Other Disasters

Because we at Pro-Vigil want you to succeed, we scan 24/7 for any kind of threat to your business—fires, floods, freak accidents, storms, and more. We’ll call Chicago’s emergency services within minutes and inform your management team of the situation. We’ll also warn any employees inside.

To prevent accidents, we can detect when employees are not using the best safety guidelines and practices. Then, a safety refresher course or individualized training can improve employee habits. Similarly, your surveillance can detect when machines and equipment are starting to break down.

Three Chicago Business Examples

We can protect any type of business: car lots, power plants, junkyards, cell phone towers, temporary real estate work sites, and many more. The three examples below illustrate Pro-Vigil’s Chicago, Illinois security capabilities.

Motor Vehicle Dealerships

The FBI found that Chicago, Illinois crime includes one of the highest levels of motor vehicle theft in the U.S. Thieves can get a lot of money for each vehicle. Vehicles are parked in the open and thieves can hotwire them and drive away. Plus, vandals and arsonists can do a lot of damage without stealing anything.

Pro-Vigil can protect vehicle sellers using:

  • Specialized vehicle monitoring software, which tracks license plate numbers
  • Crime deterrents, such as alarms and strobe lights, which are 93% effective
  • After-hours audio greetings for legitimate customers
  • Video recordings of slips and falls and other incidents
  • Live feeds to monitor damaging weather conditions

Construction Sites

Thieves target real estate developments for new appliances, furniture, and materials. Some others break in to sleep there for a night but cause expensive and dangerous damage.

The temporary nature of this workplace can make it seem difficult to protect. Fences, gates, and guards won’t keep out determined criminals. Even well-paid guards can only watch one area at a time—when they’re able to concentrate in the middle of the night.

Guards are also vulnerable to attack from violent criminals. So, to protect your site and your employees from Chicago, Illinois crime, Pro-Vigil can:

  • Deliver all your security needs for a single monthly payment that’s less than paying a guard
  • Monitor multiple, strategically-placed video cameras 24/7 with a live, remote guard and software
  • Retain highly detailed recordings of any incidents that occur, stored off-site
  • Keep your security system running without a connection to the grid using batteries and solar power

Apartment Buildings and Complexes

The single most common type of housing in Chicago is apartments, but they’re vulnerable to burglary and fire, putting your equipment and structures at risk.

To combat Chicago, Illinois crime and accidents in apartments, Pro-Vigil’s system offers these services:

  • Tracking any unusual visitors inside and around your buildings to deter criminal activity before it occurs
  • Detecting fires as soon as they start and bringing in the Chicago Fire Department within minutes
  • Monitoring the use of your common room equipment and guarding access to it
  • Keeping video records of any incident that you’ll need later

How Pro-Vigil Can Help YOU!

Pro-Vigil’s Chicago, Illinois security systems will constantly protect your business and respond more quickly to threats than the competition can. We work to make sure the stress of your business security is lifted off of you. We take care of everything possible, so you can work on your business.

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