What Is Vacant Property & How To Set Vacant Property Security Systems

By Ryan Skidmore | April 10, 2019

Security systems are commonly used to keep a home or business safe, but they’re also important to have at a vacant property. Learn everything you need to know about vacant property security systems and why you need them with this helpful guide.

Definition of Vacant Property

What is a vacant property? And how does it differ from an unoccupied property? The terms may seem synonymous, but in reality, they are two separate definitions. Insurance companies define a vacant property as any place where there are no personal belongings on site that would allow a person to live or work there.

If the property has a set up for sleeping or eating, then the property is not considered vacant (even if someone is not currently living there). An unoccupied property may not have someone residing there, but it will have furniture and other belongings on site with the intention of someone returning eventually e.g., a summer home or cabin.

Why You Need Vacant Property Security Systems

It is difficult to find insurance for vacant properties, which adds to the many reasons why you need vacant property security systems. Vacant properties are prone to all kinds of crime and potential damage, including:

1. Theft

Though your vacant property may not be full of furniture and other obvious valuables, there are still materials thieves will have their eye on. Criminals can steal and sell items like electrical wiring, metal pipes, and HVAC units for good money, and they will take advantage of a vacant building to get their hands on the goods.

2. Natural Disasters

Even if your vacant building is in a safe, low-crime area, it could be prone to damage from the natural disaster. Vacant property security systems can alert you of water damage or other property damage due to flooding, hurricane, earthquake, and more.

3. Squatters

An empty building is often an invitation for vagrants and squatters to set up camp. If your property is unmonitored, you’ll risk the chance of people living there for weeks without you even knowing about it.

4. Vandalism

Vacant property security can prevent and alert you to acts of vandalism, including graffiti, destruction, and more.

5. Trespassing

Even if you’ve removed everything from your vacant property, you probably still don’t want people coming on site and hanging around. Get notice of trespassers with a vacant property security system.

Pro-Vigil Vacant Property Security Features

1. Remote Security Guard

A physical security guard can be expensive and is prone to human error. Never miss a thing with Pro-Vigil’s remote security guard. You’ll get real-time alerts of anything suspicious, and the security guard will even do the job of notifying authorities for you.

2. Record Data Off-Site

Expert thieves and criminals could attempt to disable, alter, or mess with video footage on your security camera. But you’ll never have to worry about valuable footage being lost when you choose Pro-Vigil, since all data is recorded off-site.

3. Customized System

At Pro-Vigil, we know everyone has different needs when it comes to surveillance. Even those with a vacant property may require a custom setup. We tailor every security system to your specific situation, so you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for to keep your property safe.

4. Special Recognition Software

Our cutting edge software is smart enough to determine real threats and concerning activity. Let the software do the job of picking up on threats, determining the type of problem, and notifying authorities. You’ll never have to worry about false alarms.

5. Remote Deterrents

Pro-Vigil’s vacant property security systems will activate remote deterrents like alarms, flashing lights, and more to scare off criminals. These deterrents can stop criminals in action or even prevent any damage before it happens.

Protect Your Property Today

Now that you understand what vacant property is and why you need a vacant property security system, allow Pro-Vigil to help. We’re a leader in reliable surveillance that will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Because it’s our sole mission is to keep your property secure, we even offer a $5,000 guarantee that we will perform beyond any of the competition.

Check out our Real Estate Security page to learn more about how we can protect your property. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and will give you a free quote in 24 hours or less.