Video Surveillance in San Antonio

Protect Your San Antonio Business

Video Surveillance in San Antonio

According to the San Antonio Express-News, violent crime is increasing in the region. U.S. News & World Report says that violence and property crime rates were higher than the national average in 2020. These realities make having a professional security system in San Antonia a must for your property. 

If you’re searching for video surveillance in San Antonio, Texas, look no further than Pro-Vigil. 

Why Use a Commercial Surveillance Service in San Antonio? 

 The Latest Data From 2021 Shows:

Companies Are
More Likely To Be Burglarized Than Homes
More Than
% Of
Businesses Experience Some Type Of Theft

The numbers alone tell the story of why you need a security surveillance system in San Antonio, TX.

As crime continues to increase, surveillance solutions that San Antonio property owners install will help with deterrence and with prosecution after the fact for any crooks that aren’t turned away.

In 2020, Texas Public Radio Reports San Antonio Experienced:


Reported rapes


Reported robberies


Reported assaults


Reported burglaries


Reported larcenies


Reported vehicle thefts

Common Crimes in San Antonio

Construction site theft is also increasing, with thieves now targeting lumber for its lucrative resale value. The typical types of crimes that businesses experience in San Antonio, TX include:

  • Aggravated Robbery

    Aggravated robbery with a weapon, usually during business hours.

  • Arson

    Arson, where the criminal intends to burn down a building.

  • Burglary and Theft

    Burglary, where the criminal entered the business with the goal of theft. This could include theft of a vehicle or component parts. It could include theft of materials or equipment at a construction site.

  • Criminal Mischief

    Criminal mischief, such as vandalism of a business or a construction site.

  • Criminal Trespass

    Criminal trespass on commercial sites. This happens frequently on sprawling business footprints such as a car dealership or a construction site.

  • Robbery After Hours

    Robbery after hours. This could include robbery of a customer at your business locations. Parking garages and parking lots in San Antonio, TX are particularly vulnerable.

Features of Modern Surveillance Systems

For obvious reasons, even one of these incidents is one too many. The human and property costs are staggering – not to mention the damage to your reputation.

Since the San Antonio police can’t be everywhere at once, using video surveillance can help extend their reach. With today’s technologies, a security surveillance system offers a variety of features, including:

Internet Capability

Wireless Cameras That Can Connect To The Internet.

Solar Energy

Solar Powered Cameras To Extend Your Battery Life.

Active Threat Deterrence

Audio And Visual Features That Can Sound Alarms Or Spotlights To Scare Off Trespassers.

Remote Guards

24/7/365 Video Surveillance Monitoring By Remote Trained Security Professionals.

Smart Alerts

Smart Features That Activate An Alert On Your Cellphone If An Intruder Is Detected.

Cloud Recording

Video Recording Straight To The Cloud.

The Pro-Vigil Promise

Pro-Vigil, based in San Antonio, TX, is a leading provider of video surveillance cameras and security services. We offer a free consultation and quote for our security surveillance systems. Our team has an outstanding track record of keeping San Antonio just a little bit safer. Talk to Pro-Vigil about our surveillance solutions designed specifically for the San Antonio, Texas market and the criminal threats you face. We can help.

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