Queue Time

The time required for a video event to begin initial review will take no longer than thirty (30) seconds from the time it is received (except during Maintenance Windows). Any breach by Company of this guarantee will be referred to as a “Queue Time Interruption.”

Monitoring Platform Uptime

Company’s monitoring platform will be operational 99.999% of the time (except during Maintenance Windows). Any breach by Company of this guarantee will be referred to as a “Monitoring Platform Interruption.”

Time to Report Critical System Failures

The time required to notify Client if 50% or more of their onsite equipment becomes inaccessible will take no longer than one hour (except during Maintenance Windows). Any breach by Company of this guarantee will be referred to as a “Critical System Interruption.”

Length of Interruption

The duration of (a) Queue Time Interruption, (b) Video Uptime Interruption, or (c) Critical System Interruption will be measured from the time Company, in its sole discretion, determines that the Interruption began until the time that Company, in its sole discretion, considers the Interruption ended.


For each continuous thirty-minute (a) Queue Time Interruption, (b) Monitoring Platform Interruption, or (c) Critical System Interruption, Company will credit Client’s account five (5) percent (each an “SLA Credit”) of Client’s Four Week Billing amount, up to 100% of such invoices. Interruptions lasting less than thirty continuous minutes will not qualify for SLA Credits.


To receive an SLA Credit, Client must submit an SLA Ticket through https://portal.pro-vigil.info within seven (7) days of an Interruption.

Client’s SLA Ticket must contain:

Company will determine, in its sole discretion, the validity of each claim. For each valid claim Company will issue an SLA Credit within thirty (30) days of its determination that the claim is valid.


Client may qualify for SLA Credits for more than one type of guarantee, but the total SLA Credits given in any one Four Week Billing Period cannot exceed 100% of Client’s invoice for Video Monitoring Services in the Four Week Billing Period the Service Interruption occurred.

SLA Credits will only be paid as a credit toward Client’s account and will not be paid in cash.

SLA Credits are limited by this Agreement.


SLA Credits may not be issued, and any applicable SLA Credits may be forfeited, if:

Support Problems Caused by Client

If Company determines that the issues identified in an SLA Ticket were the result of Client’s action or inaction, Company’s support required to repair these actions taken (or by another person authorized to access Client’s account) will be billed to Client as additional support at Company’s then current rate.

Maintenance Windows

“Maintenance Windows” include both Scheduled Maintenance Windows (for example, Client received prior notice) and Emergency Maintenance Windows (for example, because of immediate threats to Company’s systems or to Client’s equipment, Client received no prior notice).

Limited Liability

This SLA provides Company’s only liability for malfunctions of, defects in, or any other performance-related issues associated with a particular Service. Client’s sole and exclusive remedy against Company for failure to meet the metrics set out in the SLA shall be the remedies set out in this document.

Right to Modify

Company reserves the right to Modify this SLA at its sole discretion.