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Self Storage Video Surveillance

Self storage generally consists of a large number of individual units, all contained on a single lot. These lots are usually open-air, surrounded by a fence or a wall, and guarded by a gate. However, in order for self-storage users to feel secure, facilities need to be able to offer more than just a guard gate and a padlock. Otherwise, criminals who bypass the gate, either illegally or by renting a storage unit themselves, need little more than a pair of bolt cutters to gain access to whatever is being stored on-site. At the same time, gates and padlocks do little to defend against hazards on the lot itself. Volatile materials, when kept in unsafe storage conditions, may lead to fires, which have the potential to destroy multiple units. Video surveillance provides an easy, inexpensive solution to these issues.

Subdivision Gate Guards

  • Gates, while important, are only effective if they’re being watched
  • Whether they’re defending construction sites, business parks, gated communities, or anything else, they can be scaled, cut, or otherwise circumvented
  • Proper surveillance can ensure the gate does its job—keep people out—for a fraction of the cost of on-site guards
  • Pro-Vigil uses the power of the sun to remain powered and online without being connected to a local power grid so you will be safe no matter what

Self Storage Solutions

By providing a complete, unblinking view of the entire storage facility, Pro-Vigil surveillance systems make it possible to provide a level of protection that just isn’t possible with gates and padlocks. High-quality video cameras can be installed in multiple locations, and provide complete, 24-7 security, giving lot owners and storage-space renters the peace of mind that they deserve.

Surveillance to Set Store In

Using advanced video analytics, Pro-Vigil cameras are designed to be able to automatically identify, evaluate, and address any potential threats before they have a chance to cause damage. With video feeds that are monitored at all times, able to track suspicious objects, come equipped with audible and visual deterrents, and that upload all captured footage directly to the cloud, Pro-Vigil cameras can protect any self-storage facility. Pro-Vigil’s cameras are also capable of license-plate recognition, as well as people-counting and other analytics-related services, so owners will always know who’s been on the lot, and how that relates to the overall success of their business.

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