Vandalism Costs Electric Companies Over

$15 Billion

per Year to Repair

Protect Valuable Infrastructure With Remote Video Monitoring Solutions

Thieves come for the copper wire, but often leave a wake of destruction that can take down an entire plant, damaging equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stop these petty thieves in their tracks with remote video monitoring from Pro-Vigil.

Is Your Electric Power Plants Property Protected?

Protect Against Domestic Attacks

The U.S. is suffering a decade-high surge in intentional power grid attacks. Over 40,000 customers were left in the dark after substations were vandalized and damaged by gunfire in North Carolina in 2022. And at least 15,000 people in Washington state faced the same fate after four power substations were sabotaged on Christmas Day 2022.

With the rise of these intentional attacks, it’s more important than ever to have 24/7 monitoring of your power plant. Pro-Vigil can deter 97% of crime before it happens.

Vandalism on Site

From teen pranks to domestic attacks, hooligans
cause damage

Loss of Inventory

Millions of dollars in inventory left at an unsecured site
creates risk

Loss of Money

Property damage, stolen inventory, and stolen materials are costly

The Speed of Remote Surveillance

Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring relies on AI video surveillance and machine learning video analysis to detect, deter, and dispatch with unmatched speed.



Remote surveillance flags unusual and unwanted activity with machine learning video analysis.



Audio and visual deterrents are activated after a virtual guard verifies the threat.



When needed, 911 authorities are dispatched by your virtual guard.

In less than two minutes, remote video monitoring can help to identify a threat, verify it, and notify proper authorities if necessary. Choose video surveillance monitoring as a supplement to your security solution.

Ensure Your Utility Is Protected With These Simple Steps

Video Surveillance Substation Security Checklist

Remote Video Monitoring

Protect your property after hours without sacrificing customer experience

Get swift 911 dispatch without triggering false alarms

Repel trespassers before crime happens with audio and visual deterrents

Video Monitoring Neutralizes Risk

Why Electric Companies Choose Pro-Vigil

Run your operation with peace of mind, knowing Pro-Vigil is safeguarding it while you’re away.

AI Video Surveillance

Determine threat level with advanced software and notify authorities if necessary

Dedicated Mobile App

Access remote video monitoring statistics, arming or disarming, and live feeds

Audio & Visual Deterrents

Instantly deter intruders with loud, pre-recorded voice warnings and bright sirens

Virtual Security Guards

Leverage remote personnel to review triggers from AI findings

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