More than 224 million people rely on smartphones in the United States alone. Unfortunately, because cell towers are so numerous, and are often located in remote locations, they are in constant danger of being targeted by thieves and vandals. To protect these towers from ongoing threats, cell tower security is a must. The most effective way to secure your cell towers is through video surveillance.

Common Cell Tower Security Threats

Cell towers face many threats. In addition to being targeted by thieves and vandals who damage wires or topple them over, cell towers threats from severe weather, equipment malfunctions, and other challenges that can disrupt service. If there is nothing monitoring and protecting these towers, then the likelihood that they will fail at some point is inevitable.

Competition is tight in the wireless communications industry – a $283 billion business. No one carrier wants to be known as the one who’s customers frequently lose service.

The Challenge with Keeping Cell Towers Secure

The most common challenges of keeping these cell towers secure are that 1) there are so many to keep up with, and 2) they are often in remote and difficult places.

With numerous cell towers to monitor, it can be difficult to keep up with which ones are working and which ones are down. Even with software monitoring the connection, this can still be a challenge for those who track it because of the sheer numbers.

And in some cases, monitoring them at all is difficult because of their remote locations. Often times, there is no power, lighting, or other services nearby.

However, without professional cell tower security systems in place, cell towers are exposed to numerous vulnerabilities, putting cell phone service at risk for customers who expect a constant connection.

Video Surveillance for Cell Tower Security

Video surveillance is a very viable cell tower security solution to help mitigate these risks. By recording all of the activity around the tower and monitoring it for any disruptions, you could ensure that cell phone customers are not inconvenienced with dropped calls and coverage.

Using features such as live surveillance and IP camera health and equipment monitoring, you can have peace of mind knowing your cell towers are secure. Video surveillance allows you to carefully monitor potential threats from thieves and vandals, and it can also help you monitor your equipment for malfunctions or downtime due to severe weather.

What some businesses don’t realize is that even if their cell towers are remotely located, they can still be monitored. The use of mobile surveillance is available for these towers in remote locations where it is difficult to install standard fixed surveillance equipment. Mobile surveillance is a flexible option that leverages remote video technology and advanced recognition software to help identify, track, and evaluate potential threats from theft, vandalism, and other common cell tower security issues.

The Pro-Vigil Difference

The Pro-Vigil cell tower security solution not only provides real-time access to live video feeds of every cell tower but deters vandalism before it even starts. We are the undisputed leaders in the surveillance space.

At Pro-Vigil, we prevent crime in 97% of all instances while viewing over 1 million events per day. So whether you have a few cell towers or a very large number of them, we have the capacity to monitor all of them safely and securely.

With features like equipment status-monitoring, a dedicated surveillance team for your business, and video analytics, you’ll know quickly if there is an issue at one of your cell towers. To learn more about Pro-Vigil and get a free quote, contact us today.

Ready to secure your cell towers?

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