Guaranteed Property Protection (GPP) Program

Standard Terms and Conditions

Without otherwise impacting the Company’s general or specific limitations on liability provided under the Service Agreement, if Client is eligible and/or elects to obtain the Guaranteed Protection Plan, the Company will pay the lesser of actual losses or $5,000 on a per incident(1) basis, subject to program guidelines as outlined below, where theft or vandalism on a site, live monitored by the Company, has occurred. For any claim to be eligible for reimbursement under this program all the following terms & conditions must be met:

  1. The cause of the incident must have occurred within clear view of a camera being live monitored by the Company, and provide the opportunity for the Company to act or respond accordingly. (e.g. the cause of claims for  loss or damage that occurred onsite but in an area outside the agreed upon and live monitored coverage areas, or where equipment is down or has been powered off, will not be eligible for reimbursement);
  2. The incident of theft or vandalism must have both started and have occurred during monitoring hours (2);
  3. The incident of theft or vandalism was not acted on by the Company in an appropriate manner. Claims where pre-established protocols have been followed by Company but subsequent action was not properly taken by involved parties (e.g. Client, Dispatched Authorities, Onsite/Offsite Personnel, etc.) will not be eligible;
  4. The Client must be in compliance with any Company pre-emptive protocols that have been documented for the site;
    Examples: Car Key Fobs & Equipment/Tools locked up, entrances & exits blocked, deliveries scheduled during business hours, materials stored and kept within close proximity and clear view of live monitored cameras, etc.;
  5. The Client must notify the Company within seven (7) days of the reported incident(1);
  6. The Client must have filed a police report; with an affidavit disclosing all items and values, regarding the incident(1) of theft or vandalism and provide a copy of the police report to the Company within thirty (30) days of incident (1);
  7. Reported values for theft and/or vandalism must be supported by itemized receipts and/or invoices for repair or replacement of damaged/ stolen property. Only labor & materials are reimbursable under this GPP program;
  8. The Company reserves the right to perform research on any reported losses and compare provided estimates with current market values, factoring in eligible reimbursement at a replacement value determined by the Company;
  9. All the Client’s accounts with the Company must be current and have no balances on accounts that are past due. Withholding or expressing the intent to withhold payment of any kind while a claim is being evaluated will void coverage and eligibility under this program;
  10. The video system must be online and fully functional during the time of the theft or vandalism. Any equipment downtime (i.e. Component, camera, etc.) resulting from a Company related issue whereby notice of an outage has been provided to Client will be subject to a 48 hour resolve time (from the time notice was provided) where GPP coverage will be excluded per #1 above. Company will not be liable for Client related outages;
  11. The Client must have a completed PIQ, be fully implemented, have provided/signed off on current site information, have provided/signed off on monitoring protocols to monitor effectively, and be actively working to complete or have completed all Company onboarding requirements, including Company requests to maintain and/or update account information;
  12. Claims will be ineligible if the Client failed to act on Company provided instructions aimed to reasonably prevent Client losses (e.g., requests for clarity on monitoring protocols, site boundaries, down equipment, coverage gaps, Client loss prevention measures/protocols, etc.).
  13. Excessive claims (i.e., two claims over a trailing twelve months period) may subject Client’s account to a GPP Program Eligibility review, implementation of program charges, and/or an increase in program rates;
  14. For newly installed sites, GPP Program eligibility is subject to a calibration period whereby the Company reserves the right to allow for a 14-day period in which the Client’s systems will be appropriately tuned. The 14-day calibration period will start once the Client’s site has been installed and Client has been fully onboarded. During this period the Company & Client will allow for testing and identification of any potential failure points that need to be corrected or adjusted for maximum protection of the Client’s site. During this period, a Client’s site will not be eligible for GPP or payouts associated with an otherwise GPP qualifying incident(1);

Upon the approval of a claim, the Company will process payment under the Guaranteed Protection Plan Program via a credit to the Client’s account. Any requests for payment outside of credit will be subject to Company approval and sole discretion.

The Company reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove any terms, conditions or policies under this program at its sole discretion, without notice.

  • An incident is defined as an event or series of events that has led to Client loss that is being sought for reimbursement under the GPP Program. Any loss or series of losses over a monitoring session will be viewed as a single incident and subject to policy limitations. For any Client site that has subscribed to 24-hour monitoring service, any loss or series of losses over a rolling 12-hour timeframe will be viewed as a single incident and similarly subject to policy limitations. Incidents are governed at the site level and not per unit, system, or device.
  • Client sites will be excluded from GPP eligibility for 24 hours following requested changes to monitoring hours.
  • For the purposes of this program, ‘Vandalism’ and ‘Theft ‘are hereby defined as:
          a)  Vandalism: the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property

          b)  Theft: the act of stealing, specifically, the felonious taking and removing of personal property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it  (e.g. the unlawful taking of property)