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License Plate Recognition

For many surveillance systems, masked (or otherwise hidden) criminals present a problem with no solution; the cameras only record what they can see, and if they cannot see any identifying features on the criminal, then they aren’t of much use after the crime has already been committed. But some surveillance equipment systems are able to see more than others.

License-Plate Recognition Solutions

Pro-Vigil license plate recognition (LPR) software is designed to utilize optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This gives Pro-Vigil surveillance systems the ability to read and identify the numbers on vehicle registration plates. So, even when criminals are successful in hiding their identities from video cameras, the Pro-Vigil surveillance license-plate security software will still be able to run a number of software rules against the plates, in order to identify the suspect.

Limitless License-Plate Recognition Application

License-plate recognition software can be used in a variety of other areas, such as in parking access control, toll booth management, border control, car registration, and any other task that might rely upon license plate identification. With Pro-Vigil license-plate recognition software solutions, you’ll always be able to identify the vehicle—even if you can’t identify the driver.

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