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How Can Our Denver Security Camera Company Help Your Business?

Best Video Surveillance Company in Denver

Pro-Vigil is a leading provider of top-quality video surveillance solutions for Denver area businesses. Our skilled design, installation, and maintenance teams offer the Denver community a carefully crafted solution to their security concerns.

Artificial intelligence

Remote project management

Audio and visual deterrents

Solar powered cameras

Mobile app

Camera health monitoring

Thermal security cameras

IP camera hosting

Virtual security guard services

…and more

Top Denver Security Camera Company Offering Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Our commercial video surveillance services include:

Custom-designed intelligent surveillance systems

Live monitoring with remote security guards

Internet-enabled surveillance cameras

Audio and visual deterrents to stop criminals

Denver Commercial Security Company Pro-Vigil Helps Deter 97% of Crime with AI-Powered Remote Video Monitoring Services

How Can Our Denver Video Surveillance Company Help Your Business?

As a leading provider of Denver commercial security, Pro-Vigil leverages the power of the internet to monitor your business in real-time. Our virtual security guard services, coupled with more modern video surveillance tools, make for a powerful one-two punch against thieves and vandals in the Denver community. 

Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Auctions

  • Building Supply Centers

  • Car Rental Lots

  • Collision Centers

  • Cannabusinesses

  • Construction Sites

  • Dealerships

  • Energy and Utilities

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Logistics and Freight

  • Long-Term Parking

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Neighborhoods

  • Ranch and Agriculture

  • Scrap and Recycling

  • Self-Storage

  • Tire Shops

  • Vacant Properties

  • And More

What Can Vandalism Cost a Denver Business?

Even one vandalism incident can cost your business $3,370 on average. The costs of repairing and replacing vandalized property is bad enough. What if you can’t catch the criminal after the fact?

Catch Denver vandals in the act with modern commercial security cameras. Pro-Vigil has you covered.

  • 89% of small business owners experience shoplifting.
  • 54% say these incidents are increasing. Small business owners say shoplifting doubled in 2021 from the prior year. 15% experienced a shoplifting incident that turned violent.
  • Some retailers say they’re losing $2,000 to $3,000 a month. 

22% of small business owners say they’ve experienced employee theft.

  • Workplace violence costs American businesses $250 to $330 billion every year.
  • In 2020, workplace assaults caused 20,050 injuries and 392 fatalities.
  • 85% of deaths are caused by robbery.
  • 68% of the workforce say they don’t feel safe on their job.

How Can You Protect Your Property and Workers from Vandalism, Theft, and Violence? Partner with the Number One Security Camera Company in Denver

Modern, smart video surveillance thwarts criminals to protect your business. Pro-Vigil offers our clients extensive experience in the latest technologies to protect properties and people.

Arrests & Deterrences Caught On Camera

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