Austin, TX Video Surveillance

Are you worried about crime in Austin, Texas? The data tells us you should be.

Austin has higher crime rates than more than 80% of U.S. cities.

Benefits of A Commercial Security Camera Upgrade

Austin, TX Video Surveillance

Older CCTV cameras in Austin, Texas aren’t enough anymore. 

If you have an older video surveillance system, it might be time for an upgrade. Pro-Vigil works with businesses to upgrade their surveillance cameras to reduce crime risks. When it comes to property and violent crime, criminals look for easy targets. Don’t let your business become the go-to pushover for the next robbery, vandalism, arson, or other criminal act.


Per 100k residents

Car Theft

Per 100k residents

Property Crime

Per 100k residents

Property Crime – 85.44% above national average

Data from Homesnacks

Benefits of Austin Security Surveillance

Add cameras to remote locations

Solar commercial security systems watch any outdoor location without adding wiring into your installation costs.

Better visuals

If the pictures from the Mars Rover look better than your CCTV images, it’s time for an upgrade.

Audio and visual warnings

The most common response to loud noise and spotlights is that the criminal runs away. We capture that on the video recording, too.

Best Video Surveillance Tools in Austin, TX

Some of the best commercial security systems in Austin use AI software. This isn’t science fiction, but it is the gold standard for commercial security systems in Austin. AI video surveillance:

Connect wirelessly to the internet

Store video in the cloud

Allows you to see your business in real-time

Grows smarter with each interaction

Austin TX Virtual Security

Many Austin businesses are making use of our remote security guard service.

24/7/365 service is less expensive than an on-site security team.

Our remote guards can carefully monitor your business from a monitor bank in our security center.

We use the internet to watch your business in real-time.

Our virtual guards are responsible for watching, warding off, and appropriately responding to crime before it escalates.

Commercial Security Systems in Austin

Pro-Vigil wants to be your Austin TX commercial security system provider. We offer experienced installation and maintenance..

When you’re ready for a better class of surveillance cameras in Austin, TX, call on Pro-Vigil.

Arrests & Deterrences Caught On Camera

See how simple it can be to secure your business through remote video monitoring.