Want More Revenue at Your Dealership? Check Out 7 Used Car Sales Marketing Ideas

By Ryan Skidmore | April 17, 2019

Many used car dealerships know how to run ads in the newspaper, buy billboard space, and create TV and radio commercials. But if you want to increase sales, you need to think differently than everyone else. Below, we’ve gathered 7 used car sales marketing ideas every dealership should try in 2019.

1. Run Ads on Social Media

If you only use traditional advertising methods, you’re missing a huge opportunity to reach your potential customers. It’s worth taking the time to learn some basic principles to maximize your influence on free social media platforms. You could hire a social media manager, take a social media course, or just start running ads on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites.

2. Grow Your Email List

Social media is an important part of your strategy, but it’s only one aspect of successful marketing. Further, increase sales by growing your email list and regularly sending out campaigns to your customers. You can add customers to your list by offering a coupon or free oil change in exchange for an email address.

Use email marketing to send out announcements about sales, give exclusive offers, or notify customers about new inventory. Email can be a more intimate place to reach your audience, whereas social media is becoming an increasingly crowded space.

3. Offer Free Events

Everybody loves free stuff, and you can draw new customers to your dealership by hosting frequent free events. Find any reason to celebrate, including dealership anniversaries or obscure holidays. Give out free prizes, pizza, or hot chocolate—any type of freebie will do. Fundraisers and other charity events are another great way to bring in a crowd.

Once you have people in the door (or parking lot), build rapport and network with them so they’ll want to come back when they’re ready to shop for a vehicle or get work done on their car. The better the impression you make, the more likely they’ll be to think of you in the future.

4. Collect More Reviews

Online reviews are a powerful way to increase sales in the Internet age. Hardly anyone buys anything these days without first reading online reviews, so invest time persuading your current customers to write honest reviews about your dealership.

Focus on a few platforms where you want to get more reviews, then send email blasts and mailers inviting people to leave their reviews. You can also direct them to leave reviews on your social media site, where it’s easier to share and interact with other customers.

5. SMS Marketing

Most of your customers have a smartphone in their pocket or on their desk all hours of the day. That means SMS marketing is one of the best dealership marketing strategies to catch their attention, whether they’re at work, waiting in line at the grocery store, or vegging out in front of the TV. The text message alert alone will be enough to get them reading your message.

6. Hold a Contest

Still looking for more used car marketing ideas? A contest is a great way to gamify your business and get your customers doing your advertising for you. You could tell customers to decorate their cars and send pictures to you for a chance to win a prize, or a prize could go to the customer with the worst jalopy. Just make sure the prize is good enough to incentivize people to participate!

7. Treat Customers Like Royalty

When all is said and done, word of mouth marketing is the best way to increase your sales. Get more customers talking about your dealership by treating them like royalty any time they come by. Offer them free snacks and drinks, send birthday cards to them, and think of other little touches to make your business stand out from the competition.

Learn More Today

Implement at least some of these 7 tips to see positive effects on your sales. And if you’re looking for more ideas on how to increase sales at your car dealership, Pro-Vigil can help. Check out our complete guide to opening and managing your own used car dealership today.