Surveillance Solutions

Pro-Vigil Surveillance Services

Live Video Monitoring

Live surveillance is the right choice for large outdoor properties like construction sites, utility service centers / substations, material yards, and car dealerships. Our remote security services blanket your operations in a surveillance shield that NOTHING GETS THROUGH UNDETECTED. Get your peace of mind back. Request a quote and STOP LOSS today with live video surveillance from Pro-Vigil.

Key Applications: construction security, utility security, car dealership security

Event-Based Monitoring

We understand that monitoring cameras LIVE is not always necessary or cost effective, so we adapted to meet the needs of all monitoring needs and budgets. By configuring motion analytics and/or motion sensors, we receive alerts at our monitoring center that your device triggered an event. The next step is Pro-Vigil doing what we do best and deterring the intruder by remotely activating a series of sirens and strobes. If the intruder is persistent, we will notify the local authorities.

Get the most out of your surveillance system by contacting us today. Need a surveillance system, we can help you with that also.

Key Applications: strip mall security, community pool security, small business security

Virtual Guard Tours

Are you looking for someone to keep an eye on your property, our Virtual Guard Tours could be a great fit. Pro-Vigil’s central surveillance center will randomly login to your cameras hourly and look for anything suspicious or out-of-place. This is a great add-on service to your existing surveillance system. Request a quote today.

Don’t currently have a surveillance system, we will be happy to help you with that.

Key Applications: waste site security, solar farm security, wind farm security

Merging Humans and Video Surveillance

After years of listening to the needs of our customers, Pro-Vigil developed a custom surveillance service that combines surveillance video and human analysis to create HUMANALYTICS®. This service is completely customizable for each client and may include managerial reports on open/close times, storefront cleanliness, or service wait times. Other services are also available, such as virtual escorts to vehicles and lone worker safety.

Call us today and ask how we could develop a custom HUMANALYTICS® package for your needs.

Key Applications: fast food restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores

24/7 System Monitoring

Pro-Vigil doesn’t just monitor your cameras, but your surveillance system as a whole. With the use of proprietary software and technical staff on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, we make sure your system is up and stays up. It is our proactive approach that makes us successful. Just another service that sets us apart from other service providers.

If power is lost on a construction site or a camera becomes inoperable in a grocery store, our technical staff will create a trouble ticket and dispatch one of our trained field technicians to address the issue within 24 hours.

In December 2014, Pro-Vigil saved its customers $69,768 in property crimes!