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Comprehensive Substation Security

Electrical power plants may be where the bulk of our nation’s electricity is produced, but before it can reach our electrical outlets, it generally needs to pass through one or more electrical substations. Electrical substations take the high-voltage electricity generated by power plants, and they transform it to lower voltage that can be used for everyday tasks. The electricity is then distributed among the population. These substations are essential to the power-distribution process, and when they are left unprotected, can easily fall prey to thieves, vandals, equipment malfunction, and other dangers. That is why it is essential to have quality substation security.


  • Just as power plants are a critical asset to a city’s infrastructure, no power can reach homes and businesses without first passing a substation
  • Fire, natural disasters, falling trees, and more are prominent risks
  • Electrical workers that service the station are at risk as they move around high-voltage lines
  • With a Pro-Vigil security system, emergency services can be summoned quickly in the event of a disaster or accident

Substation Solutions

Many substations are located in sparsely populated rural areas, leaving them more susceptible to threats of all kinds. However, by implementing advanced surveillance solutions—in the form of Pro-Vigil surveillance technology—you can easily keep an eye on the equipment that makes power distribution a possibility. Pro-Vigil technology provides complete surveillance protection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So whether your substation faces the danger of criminal threats, equipment failure, or something as common as weather-related hazards, Pro-Vigil will help keep everything safe, secure, and running smoothly.

Technology that Empowers

Pro-Vigil systems can be installed at any location, or can be integrated with existing security systems to provide constant and effective substation surveillance and intrusion detection. Pro-Vigil video feeds can be accessed by authorized individuals at anytime, from any internet-enabled device, and are also capable of operating automatically to identify, evaluate, and address threats as they occur. With Pro-Vigil, protecting even the most remote substation site is as simple as pushing a button.

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