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Subdivision Gate Guard Services

Gates are used all across the world, from gated-suburban communities to construction sites, business parks, military outposts, and beyond. However, gates alone are simply not enough; a particularly-determined criminal will often have little difficulty circumventing even the best security gates. Because of this, for gates to retain their effectiveness, they need to be kept under constant surveillance.

Subdivision Gate Guards

  • Gates, while important, are only effective if they’re being watched
  • Whether they’re defending construction sites, business parks, gated communities, or anything else, they can be scaled, cut, or otherwise circumvented
  • Proper surveillance can ensure the gate does its job—keep people out—for a fraction of the cost of on-site guards
  • Pro-Vigil uses the power of the sun to remain powered and online without being connected to a local power grid so you will be safe no matter what

Gate Guard Service Solutions

While many property owners choose to hire private security professionals to protect their gates. there are a number of drawbacks to doing so. Aside from the added cost of hiring, training, and equipping security guards, there are also issues such as attentiveness to consider. After all, a security guard employed to watch the same property night after uneventful night will likely become complacent, and thus be unable to respond properly in the event of an actual incursion. And in the event that an intruder becomes violent, the guard’s safety should also be considered. This is where Pro-Vigil’s automated, mobile surveillance units come into play.

Your Gateway to Success

With the seamless integration of solar technology, Pro-Vigil remote guards are able to remain powered and online, even when not directly connected to a local power grid. This allows the Pro-Vigil Virtual Guard platforms to be deployed at any location and at any time. And, by relying on cellular internet communication, these remote guards are also capable of recording video data directly to the cloud. Pro-Vigil surveillance is able to identify and respond to a number of different events, including: gates left open, illegal dumping, time and attendance issues, and access by unauthorized individuals. Basically, if it occurs near your Pro-Vigil protected gate, you’ll know about it.

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