Mobile Video Surveillance System to Protect Remote Locations

Proactively Deter Crime and Protect Your Property With Our Revolutionary Cloud Based Video Monitoring Solution.

Pro-Vigil mobile surveillance units can be mounted on a trailer, free-standing structure, or any object.


Triggers audiovisual deterrents within 24 seconds to scare intruders away, preventing 97% of crime.

Solar powered surveillance systems_Solar powered surveillance systems

Solar-powered surveillance systems can be deployed in remote locations, which aren’t suitable for traditional cameras.

machine and Human-01_ machine and human-01

AI-powered software automatically tags and sorts footage, making it easy to pull clips afterwards.

Cloud video surveillance-01

Cloud video surveillance lets you remotely monitor your camera feeds from any tablet, smartphone, or PC.

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It’s great to be able to go on my cell phone or my iPad and look at the cameras at night or go back and look at previous videos. I would definitely recommend Pro-Vigil to another company.

David Odom, Project Superintendent, Cadence McShane Construction

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How It Works

Pro-Vigil fights hard to protect you from Crime Theft Vandalism Intruders

  • Step 1: Assess

    Assess your personal pain points, take a look at your property, and create a custom site-plan showing our recommended camera placement and their area coverage.

  • Step 2: Implement

    Install and implement the software and hardware needed to monitor your location(s). We’ll also train you on how to use our software, and give you your customer service contacts information.

  • Step 3: Monitor

    Once implemented, you’re all set! We’re on watch and notify you of any events, monitor your hardware health, and most importantly, defend your assets.

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How We Stack Up

Pro-Vigil Gives You Peace Of Mind

Not only have you helped us reduce our monthly cost, but you’ve also saved us from theft and vandalism on multiple occasions. We’re located in a high-activity area, and it helps me sleep safe knowing Pro-Vigil is monitoring.
Elvin Pool
Body Shop Manager at Covert Auto Group
Having our sites monitored by your company has greatly reduced the potential for theft and vandalism that many times occurs on a job site. This has translated into reduced costs and quicker build times.
Steve Rudin
Loyd Russel Homes LP
Pro-Vigil notified me that there was an intruder on the job site and by the time I got to the fence they (Pro-Vigil) had contacted me to verify that whoever was leaving the job site had authorization.
Catherine Blackler
Project Manager at Bartlett Cocke

Why Choose Pro-Vigil


No other monitoring and live surveillance company deters crime in as little as 24 seconds. That’s faster than the speed of crime. It’s not just our surveillance that’s fast, our customer support team is available 24/7, supporting you when you need them.


With real time contextual search, integrated machine learning that identifies what’s a threat and what isn’t, and advanced 3rd generation equipment health monitoring, you’ll be equipped with the most intelligent surveillance solution money can buy.

Most Reliable

Your business can’t afford to lose assets, time, or money because of theft and vandalism. We prevent crime in 97% of all instances, and we view over 1 million events per day, making us the most reliable live monitoring and surveillance company.

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Pro-Vigil fights hard to protect you from Crime Theft Vandalism Intruders

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