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Phoenix, Arizona Business Security Systems

Phoenix is an amazing place to live and build a business, with its large parks and nature preserves, the Phoenix Art Museum, shopping and nightlife in Old Town Scottsdale, and award-winning dining in Heritage Square. Plus, there’s warm weather and sunshine all year for golfing and going to the spas.

Unfortunately, the Phoenix, Arizona crime rate is one of the highest in the country. The chances of being hit by either a property crime or violent crime in Phoenix is one in 23. There’s more crime in Phoenix than in 87% of the other communities in Arizona.

The violent crime rate in Phoenix is about seven crimes per thousand residents. This makes it one of the highest violent crime rates in America. The property crime rate is much higher at about 36 crimes per thousand residents, which gives anyone in Phoenix a one in 28 chance of being the victim of a burglary, arson, larceny over fifty dollars, or motor vehicle theft.

Protect Your Growing Phoenix Business with Pro-Vigil

At the same time, Phoenix has a good mix of white-collar and blue-collar workers, offering a diverse labor pool for whatever type of business you want to build. Many employees are in office support roles, sales, and management. There are many service providers and professionals, and about 27% of adults, age 25 and above, have at least a 4-year college degree.

Phoenix has the ingredients for a growing, successful business. So, protect your business with a Phoenix, Arizona security leader. Pro-Vigil has become established in Phoenix so we can offer state-of-the-art business security to any business owner in the area, using technologies and services that include:

  • Artificial intelligence that scans for threats to your business 24 hours a day
  • The latest wireless surveillance cameras
  • Dedicated remote security guards who monitor feeds and respond to threats
  • Alarms, strobe lights, and personalized audio warnings that deter 93% of criminals

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Quicker Responses to Crime

If any criminal persists, Pro-Vigil responds more quickly than our competitors do. Our threat-recognition software is like the fight-or-flight system of a human brain, responding to potential danger almost instantly. It both alerts your human guard and responds on its own.

Your human guard, then, acts like the rational areas of the brain and checks on the potential threat. Your Pro-Vigil guard quickly sees if there’s a real threat or not and can switch on remote deterrents.

If a crime continues, the guard quickly gives a detailed, credible report to the police, which brings a quick response. And of course, the guard is constantly monitoring the feeds autonomously, bringing human experience and intelligence into the equation.

Protection from Natural Disaster and Other Dangers

Pro-Vigil is built on a culture of caring about our customers. That means that our Phoenix, Arizona security systems also watch for building fires, natural disasters, and other problems. The warning system quickly alerts employees to dangerous situations so employees can escape to safety. Then, the system sends a message to your management team and to Phoenix emergency services, within minutes.

You can also use surveillance footage that shows when employees are not using safety practices or following necessary guidelines, which can lead to serious harm to them and to other assets. After a short training session, they’ll be much safer from harming themselves.

Phoenix, Arizona Business Examples

Let’s look at a few common business types that can benefit from Pro-Vigil in order to see the Phoenix, Arizona security system in action.

Property Development Sites

Break-ins are common at real estate developments after-hours, both for theft and shelter, and can lead to expensive losses and safety issues.

Some sites try to discourage break-ins using fences, gates, and guards, but guards can only monitor one area at a time, can’t remember all the details of a security incident, and may not stay alert in the middle of the night for weeks on end. Perhaps most importantly, guards are expensive to employ.

A business security system from Pro-Vigil, though, protects your property in these ways:

  • Watches every area at once at a lower expense than employing a guard
  • Removes employees from potentially violent situations
  • Retains footage of any security or safety incident
  • Stays constantly vigilant 24/7 through both threat-recognition software and remote security personnel
  • Keeps running without a connection to the grid using solar cells and batteries

Auto Dealerships

Thieves see a car lot and imagine driving off with tens of thousands of dollars worth of inventory from a parking lot that’s full of security holes. Another form of Phoenix, Arizona crime is criminals vandalizing and destroying vehicles without even stealing them.

Protect your dealership with Pro-Vigil security and you’ll get:

  • Specialized vehicle monitoring software, including license plate recognition
  • Software and remote guards that detect and respond to suspicious activity before it escalates into a crime
  • Live video feeds, allowing you to monitor dangerous weather conditions
  • Video recordings of slips and falls and other incidents
  • Fast responses and alerts to any safety or criminal incident

Self-Storage Properties

Self-storage is a challenging business to protect because it consists of many individual units, which are often protected only by a padlock—which thieves can cut through with bolt cutters. Some units may even contain volatile chemicals that can start on fire in the Phoenix heat.

Pro-Vigil provides for your Phoenix, Arizona security needs through:

  • Wireless, state-of-the-art cameras that can watch your units, fences, and gates from many angles and approaches
  • Alarms, lights, and warnings that scare away most criminals quickly
  • A remote guard and comprehensive threat-detection program that sees any fire as it starts and quickly calls the fire department

Quick and Easy Security Installation

You care about protecting your business from Phoenix, Arizona crime, but you have a business to run. We work with a lot of busy people like you and we understand the constraints on your time.

To speed things up and make it easy for you, we assign a territory manager to take care of installing everything for your security system in five days or less. They will find any security vulnerabilities on your site, map out a custom plan, and install your wireless security cameras.

Pro-Vigil can also upgrade an old system you might have. Older security cameras often don’t record fine details. They also don’t give a remote feed, are not dependable, and don’t give accurate analytics.

Upgrading your cameras and system gives you the latest advances in camera technology, virtual guards, interactive mobile apps, advanced analytics, and a new level of dependability. Available analytics reports can even give you business data such as customer demographics, people counts, peak shopping hours, time and attendance, and more.

Your Phoenix, Arizona security system supplies convenient, time-saving services, such as:

  • Live video surveillance and reports on your computers and mobile devices
  • Secure, cloud-based recordings of two weeks of video
  • All services for a single monthly payment
  • Recording safety and security incidents
  • Automatic alerts if a security camera is damaged, so that that security hole is quickly plugged
  • Fast responses to both criminal and non-criminal threats

A Phoenix, Arizona security system protects your business from the relatively high Phoenix, Arizona crime rate. So, buy a Pro-Vigil system today. Check out the latest technologies and security services on our website.