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Pro-Vigil Protecting Your Business in Orlando, Florida

Keep Your Business Protected From Orlando, Florida Crime

There are so many great things about Orlando. It’s warm all the time. The healthcare system is good. There’s lots of entertainment, from Disney World to Legoland, which means lots of tourism business. There’s the Everglades and Cocoa Beach nearby and people use city buses a lot, which reduces air pollution and traffic.

One thing that’s not so bright and sunny is that the Orlando, Florida crime rate equals out to 62 crimes for every 1,000 residents, which is one of the highest rates in America. The Orlando, Florida crime rate is higher than 95% of all Florida communities. Unfortunately, anyone in Orlando has a one in 16 chance of becoming a victim of property crime or a violent crime.

Orlando, Florida crimes that are violent, which includes murder, rape, armed robbery, and more, is at one of the highest rates in the U.S. The property crime rate, which includes arson, burglary, vehicle theft, and larceny over fifty dollars, gives you a one in 19 chance of being the victim of a property crime.

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Protect Your Business with Pro-Vigil Surveillance

Despite these statistics, Orlando is still an excellent place to build a business. There’s an abundance of skilled workers here with over 86% of all employees employed in white-collar work. They are salespeople, professionals, office administrators, and service providers to name a few.  

Employees skilled in math and computers are more abundant here than in 95% of U.S. communities, and about 35% of adults hold a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

All these factors make it worth it to build a business here and protect it with Pro-Vigil. Building a strong Orlando, Florida security infrastructure allows Pro-Vigil to cover any kind of business, and our technology scares away criminals and quickly dispatches police or emergency personnel to your location through:

  • Live remote guards who monitor video feeds
  • Wireless surveillance cameras
  • Intelligent software scanning for potential threats
  • Strobe lights, alarms, and audio warnings that deter 93% of criminals

Rapid Response Time

Orlando, Florida crimes can be over in a few minutes, leaving lasting damage and financial consequences. Because of this, your Orlando, Florida security with Pro-Vigil is designed to work even faster, surprising and scaring criminals away before they can commit a crime.  

In the very few times that a criminal is not deterred, your Pro-Vigil remote guard will call the Orlando police department and bring them to the scene quickly.

The combination of machine and human vigilance and intelligence is the secret to our speed. As well-trained security personnel carefully watch your business, the threat-recognition software also scans all your video feeds. The human or the computer can respond to potential dangers in seconds.

Protection from Non-Criminal Threats

Crime isn’t the only danger to your business, as you know. So, your Orlando, Florida security Pro-Vigil surveillance system will also alert you to floods, fires, accidents, and other dangers—and alert emergency services. Both your human guard and intelligent software watch your business 24/7 for any type of risk and can warn you and your employees in time to escape from harm.

Your employees can also harm themselves and your other assets if they don’t use proper safety practices. But you can use your Pro-Vigil system, if you wish, to identify poor safety habits and correct them before an incident occurs.

Examples of Businesses that Use Pro-Vigil

Each Pro-Vigil system is customized for the type of business where it’s installed. Businesses from power plants to auto dealers have different security needs that must be addressed. Our culture is based on caring and getting it right the first time, so we treat your business as a unique site and protect it well.

Let’s look at some business types that are common in Orlando.

Real Estate Development

Property development sites are vulnerable for after-hours Orlando, Florida crimes. Thieves look for furniture, appliances, tools, and materials to steal, and some people break in for a place to crash for the night, which causes damage and safety hazards.

Some managers choose to set up a gate and employ a guard, but determined criminals can bypass gates, guards, and fences. Plus, guards can be expensive to employ and are not always alert after weeks of inactivity.

To protect your work site, your Pro-Vigil system:

  • Uses strategically placed wireless cameras to watch every vulnerable part of your space and structures
  • Watches for dangers through a combination of intelligent software and remote security guards
  • Removes the threat of violence to on-site guards
  • Activates deterrents to drive away thieves, vagrants, and vandals
  • Is much less expensive to use than training and paying on-site guards
  • Remains constantly active by using solar cells and batteries without a connection to the grid

Multi-Family Building

The most common single type of housing for Orlando’s 277,000 residents is apartments, which is unusual among U.S. cities. It makes Orlando walkable, compact, and lively. But packing families close together can lead to problems, including thieves targeting multi-family buildings.

A state-of-the-art surveillance system from Pro-Vigil makes everyone safer in your complex or high rise by:

  • Catching fires before they spread, alerting the fire department, and warning residents
  • Noticing and trackings individuals who are engaged in suspicious activity
  • Recording any type of incident, which you can later review from anywhere
  • Guarding expensive assets in your common areas and controlling access to them

Auto Dealer

Thieves are attracted to car lots because expensive items are sitting in the open, and a skilled thief can just drive them away. Other kinds of troublemakers want to slash tires, break windows, spray paint walls, and damage your merchandise and business in other ways.

Our Orlando, Florida security system can protect your business by:

  • Tracking the movements of people and objects on your lot
  • Sorting legitimate shoppers from criminals using after-hours greetings
  • Watching over your vehicles through specialized vehicle monitoring technology
  • Making live video available to you so you can quickly see how the weather is affecting your vehicles
  • Keeping recordings of incidents such as slips and falls

Time-Saving Convenience

The time from sign up, to the installation of your Pro-Vigil system, takes five days or less. Your territory manager inspects your business site to find the optimal camera positions for catching criminals, creates a personalized security layout, and installs the wireless cameras. Or, if you prefer, we can upgrade your existing security system with new capabilities, such as object tracking and analytics.

Another way that Pro-Vigil can save you time is by reporting fresh business data, which you can use to make decisions. By scanning and analyzing many hours of footage, your software can report customer demographics, peak shopping hours, time and attendance, package delivery, people counting, risk mitigation data, and more.

To make your Orlando, Florida security system easy to use, Pro-Vigil has options including:

  • Access to reports and live feeds on your computer and mobile device
  • Intelligent software that sends an alert the moment it detects a threat
  • Cloud storage of surveillance recordings for two weeks
  • Automatic alerts of non-criminal risks to your employees and assets
  • Alerts and rapid responses to threats against the security system itself

To protect your business from Orlando, Florida crime, explore the rest of the Pro-Vigil website. Get to know our services and caring culture better, and buy a Pro-Vigil business Orlando, Florida security system today.