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Oil & Gas Refinery Security

Pro-Vigil is Here to Monitor the Security of Your Oil and Gas Site

Roughly 80% of the world’s total energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. As a result, the oil and gas industry is responsible for billions of dollars every year. But more than that, modern civilization is built on the energy produced through the use of oil and gas. Without this foundation, industry, nations, and even the individual lives of everyday people would all grind to a devastating halt. In order to ensure oil and gas security, oil refineries and other processing plants need to be protected against a variety of threats, including sabotage, theft, equipment malfunction, and worker-related accidents.

Oil and Gas Solutions

Pro-Vigil’s event-based surveillance technology provides the solution. When a potential threat trips an onsite detector (such as a motion analytic, PIR motion sensor, or a virtual tripwire), recognition-based software identifies and evaluates the danger, and then initiates further action. Once a threat has been verified, the remote guard can activate deterrent systems, such as sirens, strobe-lights, or even pre-recorded messages. The virtual guards can also contact the local authorities within seconds, should it become necessary. Pro-Vigil solutions are designed to be able to address any possible threat, from fire and flooding, to criminal attacks, making oil and gas security our top priority for your work site. 

Fuel for the Fire

Outside threats aren’t the only dangers that jeopardize the safety and security of oil and gas organizations. By not only providing surveillance to help prevent overt criminal activity, but by also providing the ability to put all of your operations under a microscope. Pro-Vigil allows plant and refinery managers to improve worker efficiency, and ensure compliance with safety practices. And by documenting the daily activities of your organization, Pro-Vigil is able to combine surveillance and human analysis to generate useful reports out of otherwise-overlooked data. This means more information about the day-to-day operation, and more fuel to keep everything functioning optimally.

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