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Mobile Surveillance Systems

Pro-Vigil has the most active mobile-surveillance units and projects in the U.S. and U.K. of any provider. We will visit your site, evaluate your surveillance situation, and deliver a video solution that fits your specific needs—guaranteed.

Surveillance Where You Need It When You Need It

When it comes to areas that require constant, permanent surveillance, Pro-Vigil fixed surveillance provides a stable, reliable solution. However, there are times when a less-permanent fix is actually the better one. When this is the case, Pro-Vigil mobile solutions are the answer.    

Pro-Vigil mobile solutions use remote video technology and advanced recognition software to identify, track, and evaluate potential security threats. And once a threat has been confirmed, these mobile surveillance solutions can take the next step, by activating on-site deterrents, such as alarms, strobe lights, or even pre-recorded messages. Pro-Vigil’s on-site deterrents are so effective, that in 93% of cases, they are able to drive away possible criminals before a crime is ever committed. As an added bonus, all Pro-Vigil cameras are monitored at all times—24 hours a day, seven days a week—and allow for real-time client access from any internet-enabled device. And, because these solutions can easily be implemented without the need of any previously-existing infrastructure, Pro-Vigil mobile surveillance is perfect for a number of industries, including (but not limited to) commercial and residential construction sites, utilities, oil and gas, cellular towers, and more.  

Why Choose Pro-Vigil?

While Pro-Vigil mobile solutions are an effective and important part of surveillance security, high-quality video footage is equally valuable for a number on non security-related issues. Video surveillance can be used to ensure best practices, document site progress, enforce safety compliance, check weather conditions, or even confirm deliveries. More than anything else, Pro-Vigil exists to provide users with the peace of mind that comes from being able to check up on distant locations at anytime, and for any reason.

Other key features of Pro-Vigil mobile solutions include:

  • 14-day recording capacity
  • Off-site data storage
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Solar power supply with battery backup
  • Intelligent software protection

Pro-Vigil mobile units can be mounted easily and cost-effectively on any object, such as a trailer, building, or free-standing pole, making them perfect for organizations that don’t want to sacrifice video visibility as a result of concerns relating to budget, location, site layout, or temporary need.

So, no matter what the location, no matter how complex the site, our mobile solutions make sure that the world’s most advanced video technology is working for you.

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Hear From Those Who Have Been There

“I highly recommend Pro-Vigil for any surveillance monitoring type system, especially out on a construction site. They offer great services, very responsive, and they give you a sense of peace and comfort that your job-site is taken care of.”

-Catherine Blackler, Project Manager at Bartlett Cocke

Versatile Video and Surveillance Solutions

While video surveillance is an essential part of effective security, Pro-Vigil recognizes that high-quality surveillance services can be used for so much more. From helping to enforce company best practices, to making it possible for construction-site managers to document building progress remotely, to ensuring employee safety compliance, Pro-Vigil provides both security and non-security solutions specifically tailored to a wide range of industries, including:



Project Based
No infrastructure required


  • Site progress (view progress of your building, time-lapse features, remote progress management, etc.)
  • Site Conditions (weather)
  • Green solutions/Self Contained Solutions (perfect for LEED certified construction sites)
  • Safety compliance/Policy Enforcement (risk mitigation, protects against lawsuits)
  • Time & attendance management: Oil & Gas Specific (verify time and attendance)
  • Delivery Confirmation (date & time)

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