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Pro-Vigil in Miami, Florida

How to Protect Your Business from Miami, Florida Crime

Miami is an exciting coastal city right on the ocean. Visitors and residents love the warm beaches, surfing and snorkeling, tours of the Everglades, the Miami Seaquarium, and much more. It’s a paradise for about 463,000 residents—and many more tourists—and a great place to build a thriving business.


Unfortunately, at 51 crimes per thousand residents, the Miami, Florida crime rate is higher than the crime rate in most U.S. communities. About 90% of Florida’s communities have a lower crime rate than Miami, Florida’s crime rate, and the chance of being the victim of a property crime or violent crime is one in 20 for any given person.


As a business owner, you should know that much of Miami, Florida’s crime is property crime, including burglary, arson, vehicle theft, and larceny over fifty dollars. The chance of anyone in Miami becoming the victim of property crime is one in 24. The chance that your car will be stolen is one in 227. Because of this, having a Miami, Florida security system is vital.

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Pro-Vigil Business Security Systems Prevent Crime

However, the Miami, Florida crime rate numbers shouldn’t scare you off. There’s an encouraging mix of both blue- and white-collar workers in Miami. They work in sales, administrative support, maintenance, and professional jobs. Miami’s citizens also are a little better educated than average for the US, and about 25% of all adults have a least a 4-year college degree.

Pro-Vigil has worked hard to get established as a Miami, Florida security provider. We’re now able to protect any business in the area from crime. Our security hardware and software actually drives criminals away from businesses and brings in Miami police or emergency workers, if necessary. Businesses receive:

  • Wireless surveillance cameras with the latest technologies
  • Intelligent threat-recognition software
  • Live oversight by remote Pro-Vigil guards

To surprise and scare away criminals, your Pro-Vigil Miami, Florida security system employs alarms, strobe lights, and personalized audio warning messages, proven to stop 93% of criminals before they act. In the 7% of other cases, your live guard will contact the police in a calm, professional manner, which will bring police officers to your business more quickly than usual.

Our rapid response time is one of the best defenses for your business. Our system reacts to threats within seconds because your surveillance feeds are monitored and analyzed 24-hours a day.

Pro-Vigil’s Miami, Florida security system is a combination of human and machine intelligence and is the ultimate Miami, Florida security measure. Our intelligent software identifies threatening patterns and reacts with an alert or alerts our human staff. The well-trained personnel we employ are also on guard to pick out other threats and react to them quickly.

Your Pro-Vigil Miami, Florida security system includes:

  • Intelligent, constantly-learning software that recognizes threats
  • Access to live video feeds from wherever you are
  • Video footage stored securely off-site for two weeks
  • Alerts and responses to non-criminal dangers to your business and employees
  • Defense against electronic attacks to your security system

Some Miami Business Types that Use Pro-Vigil

Let’s discuss three business types that are common in Miami. They’ll illustrate some of the key functions of Pro-Vigil that your business can also use.

Real Estate Development

A property development site after-hours is vulnerable. Vagrants wander in at night looking for a place to sleep and cause damage, which creates safety issues for others to deal with. Or thieves come in deliberately to steal appliances, furniture, and materials.

Your Pro-Vigil wireless surveillance cameras are set up to see your site from every angle. The intelligent software and remote security guard can use deterrents to drive away thieves or other unwanted visitors or alert the police if necessary.

Some properties, particularly suburban developments, use a gate and a security guard. But thieves find ways around gates, and security guards can’t maintain their vigilance after weeks without action. However, your Pro-Vigil system is able to:

  • Constantly monitor fences, walls, gates, and property grounds at a smaller cost than employing on-site guards
  • Use remote security guards paired with artificial intelligence to stay alert at all times
  • Remove the need for on-site employees who can fall victim to violent crimes
  • Stay active through the use of solar cells and batteries

Auto Dealership

Criminals find auto dealerships very interesting. Most of the merchandise is in the parking lot. Thieves can hotwire cars and drive them away, or they may just want to vandalize cars and other property.

To protect auto dealers, a Pro-Vigil Miami, Florida security system:

  • Greets legitimate visitors after hours
  • Uses audio and visual deterrents to scare away most criminals
  • Monitors license plate numbers and other activity to catch thieves
  • Warns you about dangerous weather conditions that could damage your vehicles
  • Records safety incidents such as slips and falls

Scrap Yard

Scrap yards can be a challenge for many security systems, with raw materials that thieves want to steal, tight corridors, large open spaces, and dangerous equipment. But Pro-Vigil will set up surveillance cameras strategically monitor every angle on your yard, including the perimeter, finding threats and working to stop them before they cause damage.

Pro-Vigil will protect your business in these ways:

  • Threat-recognition software will detect and respond to thieves before they steal
  • Built-in fire-watch solutions detect fires as they start and alert the Miami fire department quickly
  • Surveillance identifies when employees are using heavy equipment in conformance with good safety practices and when they’re not

Security from Fires, Natural Disasters, and Safety Violations

Miami, Florida security isn’t just about Miami, Florida crime. Your Pro-Vigil system also protects your business from fires, accidents, floods, and other dangers. Your security personnel and threat-recognition software watches your surveillance 24/7 and warns you and Miami emergency services immediately of any serious risk.

Plus, our analysis of your video feeds can identify when employees could use better safety practices and procedures, keeping them and your business from being harmed. Warnings from Pro-Vigil will also help your personnel escape from any type of danger that might be approaching.

Quick Setup Time

Switching to Pro-Vigil won’t take much of your time. Your territory manager will survey your business, map out a custom security plan, and install wireless cameras within five days of starting. Or if you already have a security system, we can update technology as needed and bring it onto our platform.

Your Pro-Vigil Miami, Florida security system can save you even more time in the future. For example, it can scan security feeds for business data, such as peak shopping hours, customer demographics, and more. The software sifts through hours of footage, and you can simply take action on the results.

To prevent Miami, Florida crime, buy a Pro-Vigil security system today. You can also learn more about our cutting-edge technologies and see more examples of Pro-Vigil Miami, Florida security systems in action for different business types.