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Pro-Vigil in the Jacksonville Florida Community

Jacksonville, Florida Business Security Systems

Jacksonville is a great place to live and to build a business. We have great beaches, Little Talbot Island State Park, the TIAA Bank Field, the Southbank Riverwalk, and much more. More of Jacksonville’s workers use math and computers in the workplace than workers in 95% of other American communities, and there’s a near-even mix of blue- and white-collar jobs.

But the Jacksonville, Florida crime rate is one of the highest in America, at 43 crimes per thousand residents. You have a one in 23 chance of being hurt by either a violent or property crime. That’s higher than in 82% of other towns and cities in Florida. Jacksonville’s rates of violent crime are some of the highest in our nation, especially the murder rate.

The property crime rate is especially important for business owners. In Jacksonville, you have a one in 27 chance of being hit with arson, burglary, larceny, or motor vehicle theft.

Build Your Business on the Security of Pro-Vigil

Despite the challenge you can still build a highly successful business here, it just needs a safe foundation. Pro-Vigil is an established leader in Jacksonville, Florida security. We can protect any type or size of business using wireless surveillance cameras, remote security personnel, and intelligent software.

The best part is how fast Pro-Vigil responds to criminals. We can instantly activate alarms, customized audio warnings, and strobe lights, which send 93% of criminals running. Threat-recognition programs and a live, remote guard watch video feeds 24/7 to be ready for any threat and to respond more quickly than our competitors.

If any criminal has the audacity to continue past the deterrents, your guard will call the police. We’ve drilled them over and over on the best methods and scripts to use to bring officers to your site more quickly than an untrained individual can.

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Time-Saving Convenience

How much of your valuable time will you have to use to install your business security system? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything. Our installation time is guaranteed to take five days or less. Jacksonville’s territory manager will also draw up a custom security plan based on satellite imagery. Then, we’ll install the latest, most advanced cameras in the best positions to cover your property.

Our security professionals can also help you make a custom upgrade to your existing security system. Get new abilities like computerized object tracking, live monitoring, access to feeds from your mobile phone, and more. Plus, if you upgrade your cameras, their higher resolution will detect and record threats more accurately.

Finally, our advanced analytics can actually save you time and enhance your business. The software analyzes your video feeds night and day and can report on people counts, customer demographics, peak shopping hours, time and attendance of employees, risk mitigation data, and more.

A Jacksonville, Florida security system from Pro-Vigil will also provide:

  • Recordings of two weeks of surveillance stored securely off-site
  • System self-monitoring, which warns you if there’s a problem with a camera, so any security gaps are quickly closed
  • Reports of system activity on your mobile device and computer

Jacksonville, Florida Business Security Examples

Can we protect the type of business you run? Yes, we can! We protect high-rise apartments, electrical substations, real estate developments, and many other diverse business types. Here are three examples.

Auto Dealers

We know from FBI crime reports that Jacksonville has an above-average rate of motor vehicle theft. And where are the best cars all parked together? At auto dealers. Thieves look at your business and see dollar signs. Strangely, some criminals look at your business and just see things to vandalize.

So, protect your valuable assets from Jacksonville, Florida crime. We’ll supply you with:

  • License plate recognition and vehicle monitoring through specialized software
  • The power to look up incident recordings from web-enabled devices
  • Remote greetings for customers who visit after closing time
  • Useful recordings of accidents related to insurance claims or lawsuits
  • Surveillance of dangerous weather

Real Estate Developments

When you’re building something, you don’t immediately have walls where you can mount cameras. You might not have power lines. But Pro-Vigil routinely protects construction sites.

We strategically position free-standing cameras, which are powered by solar cells and batteries. They’re wirelessly connected to remote security personnel and threat-recognition software, which automatically recognize intruders and respond to them.

Pro-Vigil also removes the need for a live guard on-site. Confronting thieves in the dead of night can turn a costly situation into a violent one. Pro-Vigil’s remote security personnel can safely see more of your property at the same time than a single guard on the ground and protect it more effectively.

Protect your appliances, furniture, windows, and other valuable investments with a Jacksonville, Florida security system, which provides:

  • Constant, never-tiring, vigilant surveillance, even at night
  • Video recordings with far more detail than an on-site guard can remember
  • All services for a single monthly bill that’s lower than paying a guard
  • The crime deterrent that comes from a professional security system being plainly visible

Self-Storage Units

Self-storage is an interesting challenge because there are so many units to guard. They’re spread over a large area. There are multiple corridors and thieves are very interested in the valuable contents of the units. Thieves might even rent units there themselves.

Fire is also a danger when the Florida sun combines with dangerous chemicals renters are not supposed to store. So, guard against Jacksonville, Florida crime and disasters with a Pro-Vigil system featuring:

  • The right number of state-of-the-art cameras to watch your fences, units, and gates
  • Threat-recognition software and human guarding to identify suspicious activity, such as thieves using bolt cutters on locks
  • Auditory and visual deterrents that we activate the moment we detect a problem

Protection Against Non-Criminal Dangers

During your system’s 24/7 scans, your software and guard will also watch for flooding, fires, hurricanes, accidents, and any other threats. Pro-Vigil will call the appropriate Jacksonville emergency service within minutes. We’ll alert your management team and warn employees of the situation.

For businesses with potentially dangerous equipment, your surveillance can reveal the employees who’re not using the best safety practices and need a refresher. We can even warn you when important machines need repair.

Buy a Jacksonville, Florida security system from Pro-Vigil for the peace of mind that comes from constant surveillance and professional crime deterrence.