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IP camera systems are not new, in fact, they’ve been around now for 20 years. Yet there are still markets that rely on older, analog CCTV technology. If you currently use CCTV and are on the fence about upgrading, now may be the time to make the switch. IP Camera systems are more affordable than ever and far superior to CCTV for many reasons, including these:

1. IP Camera Systems Offer The Best Quality Images

The purpose of video surveillance is to give you or the authorities a clear image of what’s happening at your place of business. The more details you can get, the better chance you have identifying  suspicious activity or perpetrators. But if your camera’s image resolution is blurry or pixelated, it’s much more difficult to catch those important details that could make a difference in solving the crime.

IP cameras offer superior digital images to even the best analog cameras. Today’s IP camera systems usually fall between 1-3 megapixels in resolution and some can even broadcast in widescreen HD with 720p or 1080p resolution. To put it in perspective, 3 megapixels offers 9 times better resolution than standard analog video –  a much clearer surveillance picture.

2. IP Camera Systems Have A Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

There is a widespread perception that IP cameras are more expensive than analog cameras, and generally speaking, they are. On average, IP cameras are about 50% more expensive than their analog counterparts. However, this only accounts for the cost of the cameras (if you need the same number of cameras.)In many cases, you’ll have to purchase more analog cameras to cover the same area that a digital camera would cover. This is because analog cameras have a narrower field of view.


Plus, there’s additional equipment involved too. And for analog systems, it’s expensive. Unlike IP systems, analog requires digital video recorders onsite, which means more equipment, and ultimately more cost. And as the equipment ages, it costs even more to maintain. Digital surveillance systems can come with features like IP health monitoringto ensure everything is running properly, saving you time and money on expensive repairs. This is not an option with analog systems.

3. IP Camera Systems Are Very User-Friendly

With an IP-based surveillance system, remote viewing and management are built in. Users can log into their system from any computer or mobile device and instantly have access to their camera feed—which include more than just visual footage. Not only do you have access to video feed with IP camera hosting, it records audio, can be activated by motion detection, and includes high-tech features like Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls.

IP systems also have useful analytics toolsyou can use for both security purposes and also to gain valuable customer insights. Analog systems don’t have near as much capability and they are much less convenient to operate. In fact, viewing must be done on location at one monitoring station, making it very difficult to check in on your business if you are away from the office for any reason.

Is It Time For You To Upgrade?

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