Solar Panel Theft

Increases 17% per Year

Remote Video Monitoring

Deters 97% of Crime on Solar Farms

Most solar farms are located in remote places leaving them completely unprotected.

Perimeter security can help but it isn’t enough to assure that your assets are protected from thieves or vandals.

Managed video surveillance solutions cover your entire grounds. 

No Time to Waste – Solar is at Risk

Solar is one of the fastest moving industries, with an average annual growth rate of 48%.

Rapid growth like this means you have no time to let your solar farm go unprotected. Be proactive with a 24/7/365 video surveillance monitoring solution.

Deterring Thieves is a Major Challenge

Solar capacity will more than double cumulatively with 100 GW deployed by 2021. This means there will be twice as much for thieves to steal if your farm is not properly equipped to deter crime.

Two Thieves Can Take 30-50 Panels in an Hour

Photovoltaic (PV) panels, cabling, and other hardware for solar installations are stolen regularly to sell on the black market. Entire systems can disappear in a few hours. All thieves need are tools and truck. 

Average Retail Cost Per Panel
Estimated Quantity per Theft
Inventory Replacement Cost

Three Ways to Combat Stealing

It's Critical to Your Business' Success

  1. Block the access to the solar panels 
  2. Reinforce installations with bolts 
  3. Deploy a video surveillance monitoring solution form Pro-Vigil

Mobile Surveillance Solution

With Pro-Vigil’s mobile surveillance units, your vital facilities can be actively monitored via solar power so no electricity or wifi is needed. That means even the far corners of solar farms can be surveyed from unwanted activity. You can also monitor for safety protocols which if not followed could leave you legally liable. To always have a complete picture of what’s happening on-site, you can view video from any internet enabled device. 

  • Equipment Status Monitoring
  • IP Camera Hosting Security
  • Your Dedicated Surveillance Team
  • Video Analytics
  • Mobile Video Surveillance Monitoring
  • Smart Device Compatibility
  • Remote Project Management

Equipment Status Monitoring

A simple problem with a surveillance camera’s IP can interrupt its ability to protect the things that matter most to you. In addition, unless you’re constantly reviewing your system’s status, you might not even notice a complication until it’s too late. Pro-Vigil’s IP Health Monitoring services allow you to avoid this threat entirely by regularly checking the health of your mobile surveillance system.

IP Camera Hosting Security

Pro-Vigil IP camera hosting allows you to access and remotely view your mobile video surveillance feeds on any web-enabled mobile device or computer — at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Your Dedicated Surveillance Team

Traditional security guards can lose focus. Our vigilant team watches the system that monitors your property. Our virtual guards are equipped with advanced surveillance training, proprietary software, and on-site deterrents.

Video Analytics

Around 90% of the video data your security system collects is unstructured content, meaning that managing your video content can be arbitrary, imprecise and time-consuming. Pro-Vigil’s video analytics security systems solve these problems, giving you a more accurate view of the events that occur on your properties.

Mobile Video Surveillance Monitoring

There are times when your property might bustle with activity. Your security cameras will capture crowds of customers or busy employees doing their work. Our system helps pick the wheat from the chaff, identifying actual threats instead of interested shoppers.

Smart Device Compatibility

Pro-Vigil also allows users to communicate directly with multiple Pro-Vigil departments to access the help they need. By connecting your security camera system to your phone, Pro-Vigil puts the power to protect your property in your hands.

Remote Project Management

Improve worker efficiency and ensure compliant safety practices with a fully integrated mobile video surveillance system and video analytics software – perfect for remote project management.

Learn more about the features of Pro-Vigil’s mobile surveillance solution.