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Houston, Texas Business Security Systems

With a population of over 2.3 million and around 22 million visitors per year, Houston is a popular destination. It has hiking, biking, live theaters, sports arenas, NASA’s Space Center, and much more. With so many activities and tourists, you can build an exciting business in just about any industry.

But Houston, Texas crime is also high at about 55 crimes per 1,000 people. That ranks it among the top 100 cities in the U.S. for crime. Residents and visitors have a one in 18 chance of being the victim of a property crime or violent crime.

As a business owner, you should know that property crimes—burglary, vehicle theft, arson, and larceny over fifty dollars—are a large percentage of Houston, Texas crime. One out of 22 people will experience it.

The Houston police department’s data shows that more vehicle thefts are reported close to parks and event centers. More crimes, in general, are reported in more densely populated areas—and where there’s higher foot traffic and vehicle traffic—just where businesses need to be.

Pro-Vigil Business Security Systems Reduce Crime

Even so, business is good in Houston. The labor force is an even mixture of white-collar and blue-collar workers. We have a great number of administrative office workers, service providers, professionals, salespeople, and managers.

So, it can be lucrative to build your business here—as long as you protect it with a system from a leader in Houston, Texas security: Pro-Vigil. Our security system helps your business not only survive theft and vandalism, but we also utilize technologies that can actually prevent crime and other threats through:

  • Live virtual security guards
  • Advanced surveillance devices
  • Intelligent recognition software

Our system deters crime using alarms, customizable audio announcements, and strobe lights. These systems stop criminal intrusions 93% of the time. The rest of the time, the live personnel watching your business alert the police, using a professional, clear manner to bring law enforcement to your business quickly.

We respond faster than competing systems can, deterring crimes faster and protecting your business better. Our system monitors surveillance data 24 hours per day to quickly see, analyze, and respond to threats. Through wireless security cameras, our intelligent software notices threats and alerts staff—or responds to some threats automatically. And remote, trained human guards use their own training to evaluate threats and take appropriate action.

A Pro-Vigil system also offers these benefits:

  • 14 days of security recordings stored off-site
  • Live feeds accessible to you at any time
  • Software that tracks and analyzes objects and people
  • Software that protects against cyber attacks to the system itself
  • Tracking of other threats to your employees’ safety and health

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Protection Against Fire, Natural Disasters, and Other Threats

The Pro-Vigil system also helps you respond to other types of disasters. Because trained professionals will watch live remote video of your business 24/7, they’ll also notice if a fire, flood, or accident is in progress. They’ll contact Houston’s emergency services within seconds, if necessary, and contact your management team.

This surveillance can also protect your employees by making sure they are following safety rules and best practices. Plus, our live team can alert your employees as threats are developing and help them escape from harm.


Common Business Use Cases

To think about how Pro-Vigil works more concretely, let’s look at three uses of the system, which are common in Houston.

Auto Dealerships

Thieves love car lots. Many of the vehicles, worth tens of thousands of dollars each, are parked outside. A skilled thief can hotwire one and just drive it away. Other criminals vandalize the buildings or the vehicles.

To help auto dealers, the Pro-Vigil system can:

  • Catch people who look like they’re about to steal or damage your property, using remote deterrents that stop 93% of crimes
  • Use learning software to monitor all license plates in your lot and analyze any changes
  • Greet after-hours visitors
  • Alert you to dangerous weather conditions
  • Record incidents such as slips and falls

Real Estate Work Site

Pro-Vigil can protect your real estate development. We’ve seen all kinds of criminal activities in vacant properties after-hours, from thieves taking appliances and furnishings to people breaking in for a place to sleep but actually causing costly safety issues.

Our recognition software and remote deterrents help to stop forced entry or to bring the police to your site quickly in the small percentage of cases where a criminal isn’t deterred.

Some businesses use a gate and security guard to defend their property. But criminals can avoid the gate and cut through a fence, and security guards can lose focus after days or weeks with no activity. In contrast, a Pro-Vigil system can:

  • Monitor gates and fences for a fraction of the cost of training and paying guards
  • Remain attentive constantly through intelligent software and remote staff
  • Stay active using solar power and batteries even with no connection to local power
  • Prevent the possibility of injury to on-site guards during a crime

Self Storage Properties

Self storage businesses are a perfect application for Pro-Vigil, because there are a large number of individual units to guard, which are often exposed to the outside. Thieves can cut through a fence—or even rent a unit themselves to gain access—and cut through padlocks with bolt cutters.

But Pro-Vigil’s business security system will untiringly guard your fences and gates, detect any suspicious activity automatically, activate deterrents, and call the police when needed.

Other potential hazards to self storage businesses are dangerous materials that some tenants store, which can lead to fast-moving fires. A fire can destroy several or many units if it’s not caught right away. Our video feed and software can quickly detect fires and other developing disasters and alert Houston’s emergency services.

Convenient Solutions

The Pro-Vigil security system can help you gather actionable business data. Intelligent software will monitor surveillance feeds and analyze license plates of vehicles, customer demographics, peak business hours, and more. The software pulls out these trends without anyone needing to watch hours of recordings.

Does this sound time-consuming to implement? We can design a completely new security system for your site. But we can also integrate our technologies into your existing security measures, making the transition to Pro-Vigil very simple.

Explore our website to buy a Pro-Vigil Security System, view case studies, and learn more about how our state-of-the-art technologies can protect your business.