Auto Dealership Security

Auto Dealer Surveillance

Auto dealerships are an attractive target for criminals. After all, the merchandise is generally kept outside, is valued at thousands of dollars, and can even double as a getaway vehicle. But even beyond the threats of theft and vandalism, auto dealerships have other issues that are best addressed via a automotive security camera system with high-quality video surveillance.

Auto Dealership Solutions

When you own and operate an auto dealership, protecting your investment is about more than just keeping an eye out for criminals. Dangers, after all, come in all different shapes and sizes. However, with the help of Pro-Vigil surveillance and an auto security camera system, the solution to these threats is as easy as pushing a button. From using live video feeds to check up on potential weather-related problems, to remotely greeting after-hours shoppers, having an electronic eye watching your dealership makes it possible for you to protect your investment against whatever hazards might come your way.

Technology that Drives Success

By installing a Pro-Vigil system with automotive security cameras, or by adapting an existing system to take advantage of Pro-Vigil remote video monitoring, we can help you get the reassurance you deserve—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Pro-Vigil’s remote security guards and car video monitoring technology do more than simply record what is happening throughout your dealership; they actively participate in the protection of your property, and give you a direct line-of-sight to what’s happening at any given time. Through the use of special recognition software, potential threats are quickly identified, evaluated, and addressed. And even when no specific threats are present, Pro-Vigil surveillance systems continue to work to provide peace of mind.

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