Fixed Surveillance Solutions

Pro-Vigil leads the industry in permanent surveillance and video solutions. We will design a custom video system for you that addresses your specific business needs, or adapt your existing system to deliver the same benefits.

There are times when mobile surveillance solutions simply aren’t an ideal option. Maybe you already have a video system in place, but you’d like to have it upgraded to better serve your organization and solve some of the security problems you encounter. Maybe fixed solutions just seem like a better fit for your business’s respective needs. Whatever the case, Pro-Vigil has the experience and the technology to provide you with a fixed surveillance solution and video surveillance equipment perfectly fitted to your situation.

Our fixed video solutions rely on advanced video technology, along with special intelligent recognition software, and are live-monitored at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our fixed video cameras and security solutions for business needs offer the same effective criminal deterrents—such as alarms, strobe lights, and even personalized audible announcements—that have become synonymous with the Pro-Vigil brand. So, if an unauthorized person attempts to access a restricted area, the potential threat will quickly be identified, evaluated, and addressed using audio and visual deterrents. These deterrents are so effective, that they actually halt criminal activity in 93% of intrusion-instances, driving away potential threats before any damage can be done, and without needing to involve local law enforcement. With the business surveillance systems Pro-Vigil provides, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence your company is protected. Not only that, but our customizable video surveillance solutions will provide improved safety in the workplace, allowing employees to be more productive while on the job.


While crime-deterrence is certainly one of the most-common uses for fixed-surveillance solutions and security cameras for businesses, it is by no means the only use, which is why Pro-Vigil fixed solutions feature a number of non-security related innovations, such as people counting and after-hours marketing. These features allow organizations to collect and analyze video data, for actionable conclusions and improved business success. In short, Pro-Vigil fixed solutions and security systems for business needs are more than analytics-friendly; they are analytics-focused. The security solutions provided by Pro-Vigil go beyond simply keeping an eye on events — they offer an impressive range of capabilities and possibilities that will help you run your business in a safe and secure manner.

Other key features of Pro-Vigil fixed solutions include:

  • Client real-time access
  • 14 day recording capacity
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Off-site storage
  • Object tracking
  • Intelligent software detection (for identifying and defending against digital attacks against the system itself)

Pro-Vigil fixed solutions can apply to a wide range of companies and organization. No matter what type of business you run, you’ll find our surveillance solutions can work to ensure a greater degree of security, which can only benefit your business. Pro-Vigil’s fixed solutions are perfect for dealerships (of all kinds), apartment and housing complexes, self-storage units, office buildings, and any other location that an owner/operator may want to keep an eye on. So whether you need a video surveillance system for your business to make sure that your worksite is secure against intruders, or you just want to do a quick check to see what the weather is like before you head out on an inspection, Pro-Vigil makes it possible, with superior fixed video solutions. The business security systems we offer give you all kinds of capabilities that you never had before, giving you further reach and greater control over all matters of your business.

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Why Our Clients Love Pro-Vigil

“In the past with the camera system we had thefts we could not tie in we had damage to our lots, we’d have insurance issues, slip and fall… the fact that we can pull footage instantly and not have to wait for IT is fantastic.”

-Dennis Becker, Head of Security at Lou Fusz Automotive Network

Versatile Video and Surveillance Solutions

While video surveillance and security camera systems for business needs are an essential part of effective security, Pro-Vigil recognizes that high-quality surveillance services and business security solutions can be used for so much more than that. From helping to enforce company best practices, to making it possible for construction-site managers to document building progress remotely, to ensuring employee safety compliance, Pro-Vigil provides both security and non-security solutions specifically tailored to a wide range of industries and individual business demands, including:


Overall Framework

Integration with existing video system
Implementation of new video system


  • Theft and Vandalism Reduction (deterring intruders)
  • Asset Damage Claims (claims that vehicles were damaged in the service bay)
  • Business Statistics (people-counting reports)
  • Vehicle Identification (license-plate recognition)
  • Delivery Confirmation (date & time)
  • Smart Marketing (remotely greeting visitors)
  • Policy Compliance (productivity and safety)
  • Remotely Managed Access Control (opening/closing gates/doors)

Testimonial from Dennis of Lou Fusz Automotive Network

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